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Jan 5, 2009 05:06 AM

Asheville area updates - Jan '09

Asheville Indep Restaurant Association selling coupon/certificate to many area restaurants for $30.
Several more restaurants (Table, Stir Fry Cafe, etc) on

Savoy - closed now for lunches - offering smaller plate specials
North Star Diner (Weaverville) - closed
Scratch - from owners of 28806 - open

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  1. Martha Nell's (formerly Cafe on the Square) has closed.

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    1. re: Leepa

      Great!!! I guess another japaneese/sushi/noodle type place will move right on in. God knows downtown Asheville needs another.

      1. re: Spreadhead

        Yeah, we totally need another generic and overpriced Japanese noodle/sushi (don't forget super overpriced Thai) place. I mean there's only 3 on the street alone.

        1. re: jbyoga

          4 if you count Wasabi.Same piece of pavement different name.

          1. re: Spreadhead

            And how come those aren't closing? I like Wasabi and Noodle House but the others look kind of sketchy to me, plus I never see anyone in them. Such a shame too considering they are great locations on the main square...

            1. re: miss piggy

              Wasabi,Kubo and Ichiban are all owned and run by the same people

              1. re: Spreadhead

                I like Wasbi. But I had a $97 lunch bill for two people without alcohol there a couple of months back.

                1. re: Spreadhead

                  Kubo's is actually owned by the same people who own Zen Sushi on Merrimon. Wasabi and Ichiban have the same owner but do not own Kubo's

      2. Vigne - closed until April. Tried to have dinner there last nite, this is what they told us.

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        1. re: NANCY

          Dang. Things are rough out there. Let's hope for an upturn in the economy before Outback Steakhouse becomes the only sit-down restaurant left!

          1. re: Jeff C.

            Bouchon had a 30 minute wait last nite - quality rules!

            1. re: NANCY

              Mmmm, such a great place. I need to go more often.

              1. re: NANCY

                I've been to or by several places in the last few weeks that seem to be getting along just fine...Salsa's, Zambra, Corner Kitchen, Stoney Knob

                1. re: leahinsc

                  Bouchon has hit the right buttons with good bistro food and reasonable prices. Their mussel nights (M-W) are a great deal - although I wish they'd give you more frites as well.
                  Check out The Admiral in W Asheville - dive bar with great jukebox, serving really interesting small plates - venison, squab, sweetbreads, eg - and priced well. Gotta get there early

                2. re: NANCY

                  Yeah, it was probably Monday when every one else was closed. Or maybe Tuesday when they give away mussels. Quality is not the issue.

            2. Also saw recently...
              12 Bones is offering 15% discount - for locals only w/ proof - sorry everyone else. Their South (Arden) location is open for lunch until 4pm.
              French Broad Taqueria (Marshall) is closed - that's all I've heard
              Cucina 24 is still the rockstar of downtown in my book
              Wedge Brewing is open - down near 12 Bones by the river
              Creme - pastry/bread shop on Merrimon and across from Savoy is open and getting some good feedback
              Rita's Cantina in Biltmore Village (old Trevi) has very lukewarm reviews
              Heard Papas and Beer is opening another spot on Tunnel Road, taking one of the closed restaurants....P&B is just ok in my book but many seem to like it. I prefer Tomato Cucina Latina in West Asheville.

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              1. re: leahinsc

                Ate at Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville Saturday night. They have altered their menu to serve breakfast all day and have a mix and match approach to meats and veggies. Had a perfectly lovely lamb shank with port wine reduction, mashed potatoes, and collard greens for $10.95--a helluva bargain. In fact, the only lowlight of the meal was their hard biscuits. (Great red velvet cake, too.)

                We did notice that all the restaurants on Wall Street (even Cuchina 24) appeared to be down from their usual Saturday night crowds. (The Market Place sign said they were closed for menu revamping.)

                We have, however, been to more moderately priced places like Papa's & Beer, Cuchina Latina, and West First in Hendersonville, and they all appear to be doing quite well. So, people ARE eating out. They just don't seem to be willing to spend as much right now.

                As for F.B. Taqueria: say it ain't so! I never even had a chance to try it.

                1. re: Jeff C.

                  also - Well Bred in Weaverville is still hopping and now open 7 days/week and doing more breakfast items like casseroles - saw a French Toast one that looked pretty tasty.

                2. re: leahinsc

                  French Broad Taqueria may be reopening per this week's Mountain Xpress.

                  "French Broad Taqueria: Trout tacos are no longer available in Marshall. But just wait til spring, French Broad Taqueria’s owner Heather Brown advises her restaurant’s many fans. “We are closed until further notice,” says the outgoing message on French Broad’s voicemail. “We hope to re-open in March.”
                  “Obviously, the financial times have hit us out here,” says Brown. “We’re severely undercapitalized and trying to find funding.”
                  The search is going well, Brown reports: Some of French Broad’s regular customers—a group so devoted that many of its members worked at the restaurant for free during its final weeks before the current hiatus—have expressed interest in helping the restaurant survive.
                  “People have come forward,” Brown says.
                  Brown is urging heartbroken patrons to watch the restaurant’s front door for a re-opening notice.

                  1. re: Leepa

                    wow, that would be great news for the area!

                3. ...and I just saw the O'Naturals in S. Asheville ( chain) is closing

                  1. The original comment has been removed