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Jan 5, 2009 04:21 AM

Blue Bell ice cream - grocery stores that carry it

Has anyone in the MD/DC/VA area seen Blue Bell ice cream sold in their grocery store. I am trying to find some and avoid having to get it shipped from TX. I've seen it sold at some chain restaurants but wanted more than just a bowl.

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  1. The closest is in Kentucky.

    They do ship .. but the cost is high. Over a hundred dollars for 4 half gallons. Here's a map of " Blue Bell Country"

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    1. re: louuuuu

      As the map indicates, I have seen it in grocery stores in the Greensboro, NC area. That's a couple of hours closer than Kentucky.

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        Ironically, you can buy Blue Bell in Dubai, where I currently live, and I've also seen it in Singapore and Jakarta. Where the oil men go, so does Blue Bell.

      2. let me know if you figure it bell's birthday cake ice cream is my favorite in the entire world. best of luck.

        1. I've seen it at Super Fresh in Aspen Hill, MD

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            I live in Aspen Hill...I'm going to go check ASAP. Someone had seen it carried in a grocery store in VA, but I couldn't remember which. I'll post what flavor they carry in case anyone is interested. You might've saved me...I didn't want to spend 100 dollars to get shipped 2 gallons of ice cream just yet.

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              NO WAY. please let us know ASAP!!!

              1. re: littlew1ng

                BOO! ...nope... I think you were mistaken by the Blue Bunny brand psugumby... I'll keep looking!

            2. I know this is way past due... but I got a 3 gallon container of Blue Bell ice cream from the Outback in Perry Hall on ebenzer rd for 30 bucks yesterday.... I Had a "funnel cake ice cream party" last night with my friends and wanted only the best... They cant sell any other quantities... but i fit in in my freezer by moving the shelves and emptying it out... It was so worth it :)

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                I know it's late as well but I found that most Outback's carry this brand of ice cream. I am picking up a 3 gallon container on Saturday for about $40 bucks. A lot cheaper then the $120 for 4 gallons. Hope this helps:)

              2. Hill Country in DC sells it now!