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Jan 4, 2009 10:47 PM

Where to buy balkan/greek/high fat yummy yogurt?

Plain yogurt is my crack. And I love the smooth, creamy (read high fat) stuff.
I'm pretty disappointed with the yogurt I get here though. Compared to what I can buy back home (Iran), this is pretty lame and tasteless. The best one here, which I always buy, is Astro's Balkan-style yogurt (I think it's at 6%) and sometimes i buy the Liberte with the very high fat (10%).

I also love a good yogurt from goat milk. MMmmmm.

Where else other than supermarkets (including Whole Foods) can I buy good yogurt? Are there any farms that sell online? ANy stores with a nice range of yogurts?

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  1. Most Greek bakeries around the Danforth make their own. Thick and tart plain yogurt. I've tried it from Select Bakery (Donlands and O'Connor) as well as Donlands Bakery (on Pape Ave. but I'm not sure of the intersection,maybe Cosburn). Some have that thin layer of cream you can peel off of the top. Yum.

    1. I saw some in an end-cooler at Pape IGA the other day in a single-serve type package.

      1. What the #### you doing in these mangiacake places? Next thing you know you will be extolling the virtues of Uncle Ben's parboiled rice.

        I am sure the Iranian places on Yonge St have good yoghurts. I go to Lawrence East , Arz Bakery. They have a whole range , some are "ethnic". While you are there try the labneh.

        A very good alternative to yoghurt and particularly sour cream ( modern Canadian = high calorie crap is Muslanka. This essentially is a buttermilk yoghurt, but it is now "cultured" It is 3% pr 3,25 % depending on the brand., under $3.00 for 750ml. ( used to be under $2 in the right places.) You find it in an Russian or Polish store, Western Dairy or M-C dairy. Try it. You may really like it. A bit sharp , not at all like Liberte which is luxuriously sinful, really a dessert, and huge fat content (and expensive, but worth it.)


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          And if ARZ doesn't have what you are looking for, try Nasr's which is almost across the street just closer to Warden than Arz is.

        2. You should try the yogurt and kefir made by Pinehedge Farms. I usually by the 3.8% kefir, and it has a 2cm layer of fat on the top of the 1kg bottle. It tstes better than the products from Astro etc. You can buy it at the Big Carrot, and Fresh From the Farm.

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