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Jan 4, 2009 09:48 PM

Romantic in the SGV/Arcadia/Pasadena etc

I rarely go out to eat so I am clueless as to where to go for a romantic dinner for two in this area. I am willing to drive a couple miles to get to a good place though. Here's what I am looking for:
1. Romantic area
2. Good food
3. Reasonable cost (under 100$ non alcoholic)

I went to Madeleine's before. It was nice but to be honest I don't remember 95% of it (bad memory :))

So far the places that I have searched on here about this are Bistro 45, Bistro K, Raymond, Maison Akira, Celestino, and a few others that I don't remember.

Let me know what you think! A little commentary on the food taste and cost would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. How about the Dining Room at the Langham? If you order judiciously you could do it within your budget.

    Another option might be Parkway Grill.

    I would pass on Bistro K ... ever since Laurent left it's been nothing but a travesty. Maison Akira has seen better days - it's sort of like a washed-up Hollywood starlet. The Raymond is ok, but is probably in the same price range as The Dining Room @ the Langham and all else being equal I would go to the Langham.

    Celestino and Bistro 45 just don't scream special, nor romantic.

    1. In addition to Ipse's suggestions (Parkway = agree; Langham = agree, though I've never been, it's an easy call), I would add Vertical Wine Bistro (definitely romantic if you get one of the booths), and maybe Derek's. I haven't been to the Raymond for dinner; it might qualify.

      1. Don't give up on Madeleine's!

        1. Both in Old Pasadena ...

          Tre Venezie is pricey, but you can probably manage within your budget. It's very much a special occasion place and the setting is definitely cozy & romantic.

          Cafe Santorini is another spot that comes to mind.

          Cafe Santorini
          70 W Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103

          Trattoria Tre Venezie
          119 W Green St, Pasadena, CA 91105

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          1. re: mrm949

            Thanks for the responses guys! Langham was one of the ones I was thinking about but I forgot the name. Is there anything special that I should ask about for the Langham's Dining Room such as a special seating or a secret code that gets me a free meal? :)

            I'm going to pass on Madeleine's. It's a great place but want to try another place.

            Keep em coming or just agree/disagree.

          2. Not sure if you want outside but, I've had very good results - for the romantic atmosphere and delicious meals at both Smitty's on Lake - love the patio or at Saladang 363 S Fair Oaks Ave (626) 793-8123 At Saladang, on the patio and against the wall not in the center. Have been trying to get to : FIREFLY BISTRO 1009 El Centro street South Pas.
            (626) 441-2443. I think these little gems would satisfy all three of your requirements and maybe more! kq :)