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Jan 4, 2009 09:48 PM

Recs for NASA/Clear Lake area

Hello hounds: I'm a CA chowhound coming to NASA for business later in the month looking to sample any and all good local dinner fare. BBQ, po' boys, seafood are all fine as long as they're locally inspired and non-chain. Thanks in advance for your recs.


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  1. Classic Cafe great bar/restaurant in Seabrook. Mely's for Mexican fare both are on NASA RD 1 east of NASA

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    1. re: HTX

      Ditto on Mely's. That our favorite!

    2. Some of our favorites:

      Mamacita's - my husband loves their beef fajitas. they have good margaritas
      Greek Deli Cafe - gyro & salad, saganaki (sp?)
      Mediterraneo Market & Cafe - I usually get the hummus and salad. Husband likes the lamb kabob's but they tend to be inconsistent to me.
      Market Seafood - fried catfish and hushpuppies are our favorites. also fried shrimp and ceasar salad (we can't get past these so we haven't tried anything else) red beans and rice are suppose to be good as well as the gumbo. they offer po boys
      Los Ramirez - mexican breakfast
      Seabrook Cafe - for breakfast (weekends only, I think) and where I get fish or shrimp tacos. good burgers and sandwiches. they offer a po boy but I haven't tried it.

      these are just a few of our favorites in the area.

      1. I really enjoyed the burgers at Tookies.

        They did survive the hurricane, right?

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        1. re: onatrip

          I don't think anything that close to the water survived untouched, they had incredible storm surge/tides. According to a 12/8 article in the Galveston County Daily News, the owner is not optomistic.

        2. I believe that's spanakopita. Mely's is on FM2094 in LC, not NASA/ClearLake. And Tookie's, I am so sorry to report, is not coming back after the storm. The gourmet burger is now dead here. Likewise for good hot dog and chili joints.

          For barbecue, it's probably got to be Red River in LC. Texas Roadhouse has the best ribs though. For seafood and Cajun, Floyd's, Abe's and Fish Place. For poorboys, particularly Philly cheese steak, Hoagie Ranch in West Kemah. For pastrami, Jason's. I ditto the others' recommendations above too.

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          1. re: Pirate Paul

            There is a Mely's in Seabrook on Nasa Road One/Nasa Parkway.

            Also it is saganaki (sp?) which is as my daughter calls it "flaming cheese". One of her favorites while living in Greece as a college student. Spanakopita would be the cheese spinach mixture that is wrapped in filo dough.

            So sorry to hear about Tookie's. It was one of those places we always took out of towners.

            1. re: tlegray

              Very sad about Tookie's. We are anxiously awaiting the reopening of Skipper's on 2094 in Clear Lake Shores, looks like they have made great progress.

              Another great hamburger place, South Shore Beer Garden, in Clear Lake Shores has a sigh they will reopen but have seen no activity there. Now where to get a good burger?

              1. re: Cookie Baker

                Burgers? Fuddrucker's is not as good here as in Soiuthern California. An indie knock-off of it is Burger House, in League City. I like the new Mooyah's on Bay Area between Hwy 3 and the freeway; they are an outfit out of Dallas. I just discovered another place that's easily a cut above the rest. Shuttle Burger, 8405 Almeda-Genoa at Monroe (not far west of the freeway); their distinction is a slice of pineapple on the burger, and the burger is really good considering the looks of the place and location.