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Jan 4, 2009 07:42 PM

Best hotel food in caribbean - where ?

We're trying to decide where to go in the Caribbean at the end of March, and would welcome your suggestions of where to find the best food there. Don't groan when I say that I'd rather not leave the hotel - I just want to veg out on sand & surf & not spend the day planning how and when to get off-site to dinner someplace. Plenty of chow adventures beckon at home; I hope I can take a vacation from habitual incessant gourmandizing and novelty craving - or maybe I'm fooling myself.

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    1. re: Friend of Bill

      Would defintely agree on the Ritz Carlton in the Cayman islands. We stayed there for a week and only ventured off once for lunch and once for dinner. It was that good.....especially the Thursday night lobster buffet at 7. Also Blue is awesome!

    2. Sounds like somewhere in Grande Case on San Martin would the gourmet center of the Caribbean reading reports about this French heritage island. Don't know if near by Anguilla has the same reputation.

      1. I agree Grande Case has some great food but not sure one hotel has it all. If I had to pick I would go to Anguilla. Cap Jaluca has several dining options. Plus Caprice and others are within a short ride. I love Anguilla and think the dining is great. Luna Rosa is fabulous..

        In Antigua I love Carlisle Bay. The food is amazing. Nearby you can dine in Dockyard too at Kesari, Abracadabra and beyond.

        I do not believe in staying in one resort to eat..too many temptations beyond the door worthy of your ANY island.

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        1. re: luci

          So we stayed at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman, and the food was mediocre. Maybe it's true that one must leave the hotel - every hotel - a lot - to hunt for good food. Next time I'll go back to Puerto RIco, where great food abounds. Or Anguilla ....

          1. re: alanalan

            Alan, for sure PR or Anguilla..both gourmet heaven...