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Jan 4, 2009 07:40 PM

Dilettante, SEA

I happened to notice that the Dilettante factory building on 23rd & Cherry is for lease. Did they just move their production space or are they having trouble? Anyone know the scoop?

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  1. That site's been a non-Dilettante for a while, at least a year. I don't know where their factory's moved. I don't know about whether they are or aren't in trouble, but didn't they just move their Broadway store into the new condo complex that's on the site of the old Safeway, at the north end?

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    1. re: Erika L

      and B&O is moving into the old Dilettante space on Broadway.

      1. re: oliveoyl

        Is B&O closing on Olive or adding a second location? It would be sad, they have been there forever.

        1. re: bluedog67

          The Olive Way location is closing--I think the building/property was sold. The now-former Dilettante space doesn't have the character of the B&O space, but at least they're staying on the hill.

    2. They're definitely still in operation. My understanding was that the space on Cherry hadn't been on of their primary production spaces for years. However, I'm really sad to see the outlet store in it go! Discount truffles were great!!

      According to their site, the corporate operations are located in Kent.