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Jan 4, 2009 07:22 PM

Halibut wrapped in bacon and proscuitto?

My friend told me about a meal she had not long ago, she said she had halibut that was wrapped in both bacon and proscuitto. I was too busy drooling over that idea that I forgot to ask for a recipe. I have been looking, but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Does anyone know how to make this successfully? Thanks!

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  1. No recipe... and I guess I won't stick to specifics either. This is just off the top of my head what I might try and I'm definitely open to critique! I would render the fat from a little pancetta and use it to saute the halibut fillets. I'd use pancetta instead of bacon because, imho, the smokiness of the bacon could cover the taste of the fish, especially when paired with the proscuitto. Then I think I'd do something similar to chicken picatta... a *light* lemon and butter sauce with capers and a little white wine, with the pancetta lightly crumbled on top . Forgive me for not staying true to your original request catherineny. This is probably nothing like what you had.

    1. just saw ellie krieger do a prosciutto-wrapped cod on the food network.

      rachel ray's uses evoo and lemon.

      bacon would overpower the prosciutto, imo. why spend $ for prosciutto, if the result is smoky bacon fat-dominated? don't get me wrong; i love bacon.....

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      1. re: alkapal

        I agree. Using either bacon or prosciutto works for me, but using them together would be a criminal assault on the prosciutto.

        1. re: todao

          Bacon, sure, but I'm against cooking prosciutto as it becomes too tough and salty, which is such a waste of a delicious product.

      2. Wrapping fish in prosciutto is a common practice but I agree with others that using both bacon and prosciutto is going overboard and should not be done. I would bet that your friend was incorrect in stating that the chef used both bacon and prosciutto in the same dish. If it ends up that your friend is correct, I will say with certainty that the chef isn't doing a very good job.

        Cooking prosciutto is perfectly fine in this situation and will not increase the salt content... how can applying heat increase the salt content?

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        1. re: HaagenDazs

          Heat wouldn't increase the salt, it would simply concentrate it. It's probable that some of the saltiness would be transferred to the fish.

          I love prosciutto and find it perfect as it is. Cooking something that's perfect, while common, doesn't always make it better. For cooked dishes, I would use bacon instead, as it can salt & season what it's wrapped around and is far less likely to overcook in the process. If, on the other hand, the prosciutto were added after cooking, ie as a topping, I would like that. Very much.

          1. re: Caralien

            Perhaps the dish in the OP was wrapped in pancetta.

            1. re: greygarious

              Could be, and thinking more about it I really think pancetta would add a nice crunch to a dish like this without adding the smokiness that would overpower the dish.

        2. catherineny... have you tried anything yet? I'm noticing that all of us have done a good job of being critics without offering much in the way of suggestions. I'd love to know if you've come up with a recipe!

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          1. re: ewallace001

            i provided two recipes, thankyouverymuch. and the rest of us are opining on how the "idea" that she was given might not be one for which she will readily find a recipe available -- due to the inherent problems with the dish's concept (at least, according to us critics). :-).

            anyway, back to the recipe by krieger i mentioned, her prosciutto-wrapping did get a nice caramelization on ether side of the wrapped cod, and she cooked it in a cast-iron grill pan (like the le creuset one with the **alleged** non-stick coating.) i'm not usually a krieger fan (what IS it about her that is just a little painful to watch? so little affect? i mean, she seems nice, and is pretty and smiles. i can't place it....anyhoo....) the bottom line: the dish looked really nice and was so simple. i'm going to try it!

            1. re: ewallace001

              And there's not too much of a recipe involved here. Recipes are for things like cakes with lots of ingredients that need to work together. This has 2 ingredients. There's no recipe. But for s---- & giggles, here's one of mine:

              Buy some fish.
              Buy some prosciutto.
              Wrap the prosciutto around the fish.
              Cook it.

            2. Thank you so much everyone! Sorry I couldn't reply sooner. I will give some of these suggestions a try and then I will let you know how this turned out! And no, I did mean proscuitto, not pancetta. I think it's very possible the fish was wrapped in bacon and cooked and then the proscuitto was wrapped around after.

              Thank you for your kind opinion, HagaanDazs, but the dish was delicious and used both bacon and proscuitto, both which were wrapped around the halibut. It was a success at her household.

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              1. re: catherineny

                this seems to be an obvious question, but why haven't you asked your friend for the recipe or further information? the dish is intriguing, and i'm happy to learn about it from your post, but, curiosity overtook me just now....;-).