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Jan 4, 2009 07:06 PM

Seeking steak in Wilmington, DE

Any suggestions for steak in or around Wilmington, DE? Many thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Do you mean to purchase steaks to cook at home or a restaurant with steaks? If so, I'd try the steak at Toscana. I do not care for our two steak houses, Sullivans a chain or Walters. But have heard good things about the new Firebirds(also a chain).

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    1. re: kmcdonne

      We ate at Firebirds the other night, and we will definitely go back. We;ve been to one in North Carolina a few times with friends, and everything has been great.

      I had a filet with bleu cheese sauce, and the steak was cooked perfectly for me (medium rare). I'd definitely recommend it over Sullivan's at least.

      1. re: stephiehun

        Where is Firebirds? I was staying away from this thread because as far as I know, all the steak options in Wilmington are either mildly bad or awful. But I hadn't heard of that place.

        1. re: travelmad478

          Firebirds is across from Christiana Hospital, near Potstickers and AAA (and Olive Garden/ Red Lobster, if you want to admit to knowing where they are :) ). It's a chain, but we've had nothing but great meals there, both here and in NC. It's pretty decently priced for a steakhouse, too, in my opinion.
          Warning - they don't take reservations, but they do call ahead seating. It seems like they are getting pretty busy, and I'd definitely call ahead. We waited a few minutes on Monday night, and when we called at 6:30 or so, it was about a half hour wait. I'm sure weekend will be worse.

    2. Sorry I was unclear - - I am seeking a restaurant (not a butcher). Thank you for the Firebirds suggestion (on Churchman's Road). I called and they said they opened in July. We will give them a try. Many thanks.

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      1. re: Jane Hyde

        You didn't mention what level of restaurant you're looking for, but have you tried Harry's Savoy or Domain Hudson. Both have incredible food. Definitely not your typical steak, baked potato, and veggie side kinds of places. But great meat selections.

        1. re: meredity

          I have not tried Harry's Savoy or Domain Hudson. I'll check both out. Thanks for the suggestions.

      2. I like the Lone Star restaurant on Concord Pike (in the restaurant row including Olve Garden, Famous Dave's BBQ, TGI Fridays, and Red Lobster). Lone Star is not fancy but their Filet Mignon is delicious. Service is usually very good also - just make sure you are seated upstairs and not near the bar or next to the kitchen.) I usually order my Filet Mignon medium with bacon wrapped around it. It is charbroiled over a flame and I order it with a blue cheese iceberg lettuce wedge, and steak fries. The whole thing will set you back about $20 (including a beverage), so it is really a bargain!

        Another place is Outback just over the Pennsylvania border on Concord Pike. Prices are higher but the quality is higher. Lone Star is still delicious and both of these restaurants are more reasonable than Sullivan's or Harry's Savoy (formerly The Admiral's Inn). I never heard of Domain Hudson or Firebird's.

        1. if you want somewhere to take the whole family go to texas roadhouse i dont know the exact adress but its by the walmart and the one big church