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Jan 4, 2009 06:56 PM

Quick call ahead take out, what are your tried and trues?

I need some new places to check out for quick call ahead take out. I'm so burnt out on the same old take out and the same old types of quick food. It's a new year, time to put all these on the back burner. I prefer places on the west end but whatever you like is cool with me.
Here are some of my "old places" , not that they aren't good I just need something different.
Patty King
Sushi Bon
Golden Star
Mothers dumplings
craft burger
The Burger Shoppe
Burrito Boyz

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  1. Seems from your list of old go-to's that you frequent the queen/king west area, so a few places to add that might be:
    - The OCAD cafeteria (not call ahead per-se, but lots of variety and its all take-out style counters). I like the thai, greek, lebanese counters. All tasty!
    - Thai Princess on King just east of spadina.
    - Try smoke's poutiniere as well. I like it!
    - I also enjoy the raspberry crepe at cora's with custard filling. Its a tasty take-out treat.

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    1. re: pancake

      Nice! Thanks Pancake. I have tried Smoke's, and my palate is not sick of that yet but my arteries are. I'm still testing all their different poutines. I'm just always in the vehicle with clients and in constant need of suggestions of places to eat.

      1. re: mlukan

        Ha, i've tried my share as well - the cottage, plain, bacon, and the one with mushrooms and onions. I think I should give my arteries a break too!
        Oh one more suggestion - a take-out pizza from terroni on adelaide. The gals there are always friendly, you can call ahead, and there is parking out front for easy pick-up.

        1. re: pancake

          What did you think of the poutine with mushrooms and onions? It's been on my to try list.

      2. re: pancake

        OCAD Cafeteria? You mean the food court across the street in Village By The Grange?

        1. re: ChalkBoy

          Yes, sorry thats the cafetaria I mean.

      3. Danforth Pizza House

        Amazing pizza. But beware last time we were there the nice older gentleman had about 5 orders on the go, got fed up and just took the phone off the hook. LOL.

        Danforth Pizza
        920 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L9, CA

        1. a topic that i want to hear more about!

          i pretty much do take-out only, since i feel stupid dining-in places by myself

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            Hi Duckdown, I know this is off topic but I'd really encourage you to try dining out. Most of us feel awkward on our own. I finally forced myself to try it a few years ago and it felt like an accomplishment. Now I am over my "phobia" and can try that great place I just heard about when I'm traveling or for whatever reason, don't have a dinner companion. I'll usually ask the hotel concierge for somewhere it is "normal" to eat at the bar, or that is known to be friendly to lone diners. Communal tables work too. Otherwise I call ahead and ask to sit in a corner so I can see the whole room. On your own, you can focus more on the food and ambiance. It's fun, once you get over feeling a bit out of place.

          2. It's a bit more expensive than the spots on your list but I often take out from Boulevard Cafe. A plate of their chicken anticuchos, with the addictive green sauce, comes with rice and taters on the side as well as some salad with great dressing. They throw in a few thick slices of their corn bread as well (not Southern style corn bread). Delish. Factor in about 20 minutes or so prep time and avoid doing it on busy summer nights (when I'd highly recommend eating on their great patio instead).