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Jan 4, 2009 06:14 PM

H.K. Causeway Bay, San Mateo.

Tried this new place in the old Chef Wai's location. It just opened for a couple of weeks. Definitely Cantonese style food. We had beef briskets in clear broth, rice wine chicken, BBQ pork neck, a steamed tofu dish, a couple of hot pots. The BBQ pork neck was the best dish of the night, moist and not too fat. The beef brisket was good. The rice wine chicken was too strong in the alcohol. It's worthy of a second try. They also serve dim sum.

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  1. Pricing? And how was the service?

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    1. re: Eugene Park

      Prices were in the low to mid $10 range, except of course the shark fins etc. Service was good, except they did not change out our plates until towards the end of the meal.

    2. Gosh I hope this place stays if is good as you say. Joy Luck Place went downhill last 2 times I went for lunch.

      I remember its prior incarnations, nothing but bad feng shui:

      Fung Shang (Shandong style cafe, supposedly had hand pulled noodles)
      Some Malaysian restaurant (something Island Cafe) that was decent
      then it became Iron Chef to do Cantonese, not very refined
      Then finally Chef Wai
      After Chef Wai it was Shen Nong Tea House, to which it seemed to last less than 6 months...what's the story?

      And now this place, which a friend says it is owned by the folks at HK S&T on Noriega (the dim sum haus at the end of the block from ABC cafe).

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      1. re: K K

        I've had some very good meals at S&T Hong Kong Seafood, some of the best available in the City these days, so that bodes well. Looking forward to trying the new place.

        S&T Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant
        2578 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

        H K Causeway Bay
        111 East 4th Ave, San Mateo, CA

      2. We noticed that this place looked shuttered while driving by tonight. We didn't stop down to see the details, but it came somewhat as a surprise given that it was doing OK business. Anyone know what happened here?

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        1. re: Jon914

          Their last day was Monday 10/10. They said another Chinese restaurant was going to open there soon under new ownership.

          1. re: gfsf

            Drove past earlier tonight, and noticed the old signage is gone. The doors looked opened but the restaurant was completely dark, probably still under construction or getting ready. The new restaurant is called China Bistro 中華軒. No parking around, couldn't snoop to see if a menu was posted or something.

            1. re: K K

              We tried China Bistro for dinner this weekend and found it about the same quality as HK Causeway Bay.. Solid, nothing earth shattering. New owner, new chef.

              Not sure why they believe they can succeed serving the same cuisine in the same place as the last owner! I wish them luck.

              Actually the Roast Duck was pretty darn good as was the service.

              China Bistro
              426 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA 94526