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Jan 4, 2009 06:00 PM

sushi ingredients for home preparation

A visiting friend (and chef) would like to make sushi for me this week. Where should we go to pick up basic ingredients-- e.g., nori, sushi rice, pickled ginger, wasabi, etc.? We will get fish at Falero, but could use some advice about everything else.

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  1. Miyamoto Japanese Grocery (350 Victoria, Westmount, 514 481-1952) is probably the closest the city comes to a one-stop shop. They even have a selection of sushi chef's knives. That said, a lot of fish mongers, including Falero, stock the basics, including bamboo rolling pads.

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      Thanks. We went to Miyamoto this morning and got what we needed. Incidentally, it's at 382 Victoria.

    2. The Korean grocery store across from Akhavan (on Sherbrooke in NDG) also has all the fixings. I noticed that in their freezers, they also have frozen stuff specifically for sushi (like salmon, prepped shrimp, etc.) I've also occasionally spotted shiso leaf in the front fridge section near the door.

      1. You can probably get the rest of your ingredients at Falero too, maybe upstairs? I made sushi this past week and got my fish, caviar and nori at Norref then scooted over the Loblaws where I got my sushi rice, wasabi and ginger. But normally I would get Japanese groceries at Eden, the food shop upstairs from Cinema du Parc. A good rice vinegar and good quality soy sauce are important too.

        1. Although the name is escaping me right now, there is a place on Parc avenue above Laurier that has a giant piece of sushi in the window? You can buy all your basic supplies there...

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            aliment t&s...last time i went there (some months ago), the owner told me that a property tax hike is sending them packing down to the atwater area. I don't know if they've moved yet but i tried going a few weekends ago and they were closed. cinq saison on bernard has the items you are looking for but not a good selection of them

          2. Speaking of sushi and where to find supplies, is there anywhere that anyone knows of that might have aged sushi rice?

            I'm looking to mix my own rice.


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