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Jan 4, 2009 05:13 PM

Who's been to new coffee places in Echo Park/SL? (2nd try)

OK, we've been shopping around for an occasional change for the Silverlake Gentlemen's Grumbling Club from our usual 9-11 pm Coffee Table location, just to provide us with variety, but it has now become a matter of some urgency: when we collectively arrived Tues before mas, CT had just closed for the night, based on lack of traffic, and in the absence of a clear substitute, we ended up at Astro, which not only was basically out of pie, but had mind-bogglingly awful Muzak in the background (our most newly recruited member is a musician) ..

I saw an LA Eater post, a few weeks back, noting a sudden profusion of new coffee places in Echo Park/SL. Anyone been? How are they? How late are they open?

We promise to take no cell calls, and not to pretend to be writing screenplays...

r gould-saltman

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  1. the only places i can really recommend are LA MILL on Silverlake Blvd (also has a yummy menu courtesy of the providence folks) and intelligentsia on sunset blvd (in the sunset junction)

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    1. re: huxtable

      I'm guessing LA Mill's business model is not consistent with a group of middle-aged guys sitting around grumbling for a couple of hours over espresso, and I'm not sure they're even open late enough to accommodate the SGGC. What we're looking for is more on the order of the old Onyx. I know, I date myself badly by the reference...

      1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

        Let me date myself. Do you remember when the Onyx was next to the Vista Theatre?

        1. re: Burger Boy

          That is, of course, exactly the Onyx version to which I referred; IIRC, the Vermont incarnation was actually called "The Sequel".

          1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

            Really, I do not remember that, but then again I do not remember a lot of things......LOL Do you remember Robyn, the asian girl that worked at the one next to the Vista, would love to find her, went to high school and jr high together.

    2. I was in Echo Park yesterday and stopped in at the Coffee Bar on the corner of Sunset and Mohawk..

      Good coffee, beautiful pastries and the french owner was making crepes that looked really good.

      I will definately go back.

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      1. re: karen g.

        They use a very specific type of espresso coffee at the Coffee Pot, which isn't really my favorite. The crepe was good, though.

        1. re: karen g.

          French? I think the family is Russian. All of the pastries have a Russian sensibility. I wonder if this business would be more successful if they advertised themselves as a crepe restaurant?

          1. re: karen g.

            This place is really great. I've had their mushroom crepe as well as a napoleon. The mushroom crepe was delicious and generously filled, and the napoleon was fresh, light, and creamy. Their espresso is good as well.

            I believe the owners are Russian, as keemka guessed. They have all sorts of russian-branded chocolate stuff behind the counter.

            1. re: karen g.

              Based on the mentions here I decided to try Coffee Pot last week. Verdict: it's a nice neighborhood coffee shop with okay coffee and eats, but not worth any sort of detour. The room is nice -- low lighting, lived in feel -- and reminded me of "brown bars" in Amsterdam, Vienna, and Prague. If I lived right nearby I would definitely visit regularly, but otherwise I would never pass up a visit to Intelligentsia for it.