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fort lauderdale- inexpensive restaurants

Will be in Fort Lauderdale for two weeks- looking for inexpensive restaurants that serve great food. Where are the small family owned places that serve great food for a fair price?

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  1. For pizza, Anthony's Coal Fired makes a very crispy pie although the sauce is a bit sweet for my taste ( http://www.anthonyscoalfiredpizza.com/ ).
    For a burger, try one of the Char-Huts ( http://www.char-hut.com/menu.htm ).

    1. Sukhothai in the Gateway shopping center has good Thai food at reasonable prices. Smith and Jones bar on Las Olas has good American Comfort Food for reasonable prices as well.

      1. Hong Kong City, State Rd 7, a couple blocks North of Commercial BLVD.

        I can tell you right now, it has been hands down the best eats for the $ in the area in my opinion.

        1. Zona Fresca for fish taco & burritos. http://www.zonafresca.com/
          Thai Bayshore has better Thai than SukoThai. http://www.thaibayshore.com/
          Tom Jenkins BBQ, sauce on the side for me (too sweet)

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            Zona Fresca is really good. I'd also suggest Kelly's Landing off of 17th Street Causeway for New England seafood, and Southport Raw Bar, which is practically next door. There's also a small Italian place down the road on 17th called Georgio's that's good for eat in or take out.

          2. just west in Lauderhill on University Ave is my favorite place - Rosey Baby's - for excellent New Orleans food (and great music).

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              I highly recommend El Tamarindo on State road 84 in Fort Lauderdale for both the inexpensive prices and the impeccable service. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/130869

              Honorable mentions include:



              and without a doubt...


            2. Which area will you be staying in and will you have a car? Do you like/want ethnic or do you want burgers? Kids or no kids? if you can be more specific, you can get better recommendations - enjoy lauderdale :)

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                My wife and I will be in Ft Lauderdale in Feb and we are also seeking good restuarants with reasonably priced food. We will have a car and be staying on S E 17TH ST. Especially love good seafood.

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                  oysters, crawfish, best bbq shrimp, catfish - Rosey Babe's in Lauderhill

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                    Lex, I am pretty sure Rosie's is in Oakland Park.... on N. Andrews Ave, right?

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                      Nope, definately University Ave but Lauderhill - over by Sunrise. Are you back from Fla? How was it? Did you enjoy?

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                        OOOH ok, I thought you meant the one near Catfish Deweys. Yeah University Ave is definitely Lauderhill. TO answer you, I was in Florida again until Friday, I just got back and tried that new place Firefly in Manchester on Concord St. I will be posting about that later this evening. Florida was amazing as usual, perfect weather, great food, and perfect weather... did I mention the weather was perfect? LOL!! Yes I did enjoy, and I went back to Hong Kong City in Tamarac.... Lex, You MUST go. It was so good!

                        Drop me an email Lex, My laptop had to be sent back for repair and I lost your email. I was hoping you could come to lunch with me to Cotton this week. (my treat of course)

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                    3030 Ocean is 5 minutes away for upscale seafood. It's very good. For casual seafood, also off of 17th Street is Kelly's Landing (New England style) and Southport Raw Bar.

                2. For hamburgers, I love Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburger. The meat is ground sirloin, ground on premises, one of the nicest burgers I've had. They've been around for over 20 years, which is "forever" in Florida. They also have one in Pompano, which I frequent more as it is closer to my home. Choose your size, 1/4 pound, 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound.

                  Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger
                  4201 N Federal Hwy
                  Oakland Park, FL 33308
                  (954) 565-996

                  591 S Cypress Rd
                  Pompano Beach, FL 33060
                  (954) 942-2844‎

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                    I love Jacks. And just so you know, I used to go to the Pompano location when I was in high school in 1977. So they've been around over 30 years!! :D

                  2. Tipico is great for Mexican. Coconuts is really good, although can get expensive when ordering appetizers and drinks.

                    1. Marumi Sushi is on Sunrise Boulevard, a half-block west of University Drive, and for my money it's easily the best Japanese restaurant in Broward. Authentic as hell, with a specials board the size of your torso (if you've got a big torso) filled with things like "Chrysanthemum Tempura" and "Skipjack Tataki." Ask nicely and the server brings out a big metal tub filled with fresh local fish, which the cooks will dish up anyway you want -- last time I went, they did a hog snapper four ways, part sushi, part usuzukuri, part ceviche, and a full half of the fish served as stir fry with beans and sprouts. Another time they did a lobster three ways: sashimi, baked with butter and a rich brown mushroom reduction, and as a miso soup (the brains went in there, along with some of the legs -- we wound up using those as straws). The place is cheap, too. You can get a very fine meal for under $20 -- maybe a tuna and cilantro roll, plus a big thing of noodle soup and some crispy baby bok-choy -- or, if you wanna dig a little deeper, those whole fish cost just $1.20 an ounce.

                      The decor's nothing special, and the place doesn't look like much from the outside. Just a generic sushi joint in a strip mall. But I don't think of this as a demerit -- more a sign that these people are concerned with food, food, and nothing but the food. The service is hellafriendly, too.

                      Here are some pics and comments from a recent excursion: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shorto...

                      - BKT

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                        Let me second this suggestion in a big way. My wife and I went to Marumi Sushi about a month ago based on John Linn's first review in the New Times (http://snipurl.com/a1vx3 ).

                        We arrived on a Saturday night a little after 7 p.m. We asked about the fresh whole fish and were told that they only had one mutton snapper left. It was about 3 lbs. and we asked that the chef prepare it as he felt best. We then enjoyed this fish served 7 different ways. Each course was better than the last and at $58 this meal was an amazing bargain.

                        It's a bit of a drive for us from Boca but well worth the trip. We're looking forward to a return visit this month. Here's their web site with menu: http://marumisushi.com/

                        Marumi Sushi
                        8271 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation, FL 33322

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                          Marumi sounds and looks (pics from Newtimes blog) great. Is it open for lunch? Read a review somewhere that mentioned lunch.

                          1. re: The Chowfather

                            No lunch. Just dinner from 5:30 pm to 1:30am 7 days.

                            We were there on Friday night 2 weeks ago and their diver had just dropped off fish and lobster. We had a shovel-nosed lobster prepared as sashimi, ceviche, and a lobster soup. This was really excellent. I've never had raw lobster before and this was so sweet and clean tasting.

                            We added an order of the flash fried baby bok choy and a stir fry with spinach, mushrooms, scallops, and butter. All of this and a large Sapporo for around $55 (dinner for 2) plus a generous tip.

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                              i liked marumi--it should get more buzz than it does. they are doing good things, and i'm sure comparisons with yakko san will come up.

                        2. Let's not forget Grampa's in Dania. Pretty good food. VERY good prices.

                          Grampa's Bakery & Restaurant
                          17 SW 1st St, Dania, FL 33004

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                            I am doing a movie on E. Sunrise and was checking this thread out and got some GREAT suggestions, but I had to post when I got to the bottom. No offense, but regarding Grampa's, I recently went there for dinner and couldn't finish my meal. I like all levels of food and I can get down and dirty with the best of them, but what i had was plain bad. And don't ask me what it was it was just so bad I don't even remember what I ate. It seems if you want dessert or a sandwich it may be a good option, but dinner didn't work.

                            On the list to choose from are:

                            Zona Fresca
                            Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger

                            Will let you know the choice and outcome.

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                              Sukhothai used to be great but the last health department inspection really kills my entire appetite.... Really disgusting!


                          2. Consider a 5 or 10 mile ride up to Calypso in Pompano Beach. I would not call it "inexpensive" - but I would most definitely call it a "small family owned place that serves great food for a fair price".

                            Just search this Florida board for "Calypso" and you'll find lots of past reviewed/comments.

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                              Bistro Mezza Luna on 17th street is often good, although I ate there recently and it wasn't as good as in the past. I dont know if they changed chef's. Five guys burgers in the Publix shopping plaza is a good cheap burger. Coco's is very good for Thai food, but a little bit more expensive than it should be.

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                                If you're going to Publix shopping plaza on 17th for a burger, try Gilberts. It's twice the price of Five Guys for 10 times the burger.

                                1. re: btag58

                                  I tried their burger at the burger battle and it was awesome!

                            2. You have to include "The Floridian" on your list. It is close to where you are. It opens 24 hr/day. It is children friendly and inexpensive. Has resisted the test of times. I thinks it has been around since the 1930's. Las Olas Boulevard toward the east end of the commercial section.

                              1. Hey! Not sure if this request is near the area you were discussing, but i am going to stay at the westin diplomat in fort lauderdale for a weekend with my girlfriends for my manhattan friend's 40th. i love the idea of zona fresca - is it near the westin? any other reccos for that area? we have no cars.



                                1. I'm sure njnjron has already left the area by now, but Sonny's in Hollywood (I'm not referring to the BBQ joint- not saying it's bad- just haven't been there) is seriously cheap and delicious. No fluff there...

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                                    Sonny's Cheesesteaks?

                                    That reminds me... Spankys/Spanxs Cheesesteak Factory is the real deal & cheap as all gitout.

                                    1. re: SouthFloridaFoodNerd

                                      yeah.... Sonny's the one at 1857 Northwest 66th Avenue in Hollywood- I'm a pescetarian now, but when I ate meat I loved the meatball sub and cheeseburger sub; they give you hot Italian peppers to have on the side too- yummy

                                      1. re: crowmuncher

                                        Excepting the fact that this post is two years old -- why would anyone shlep from Fort Lauderdale to West Hollywood to Sonny's for a a cheeseteak sammie? I agree it's delicious, but would you travel past My Market, or Riverside Market, or Tom Jenkins, or Li'l Reds or any other number of excellent sandwich places to West Hollywood for a sandwich?

                                        We're talking a half hour to 40 minute drive to Sonny's! Why not 11th Street Annex, or the blackened prime rib sandwich with the riverfront view at the Downtowner? OIr anything H&E Marine Deli provides?

                                        1. re: southocean

                                          Great point South. Because I knew the post was old i figured njron's stay was over. I was responding to "inexpensive" restaurants in Ft. Lauderdale. Unfortunately this location is used so much to describe Davie/Hollywood as well (especially to tourists). For example, many will say that Royal India (on Griffin) is in the Fort Lauderdale area. I consider that "Davie" because it is. But you are correct in that if someone is on Las Olas, of course it would not make sense to shlep to Sonny's. It is nevertheless the most inexpensive established mom and pop in that area that I can think of. For sofla that means a lot...