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Jan 4, 2009 04:49 PM

fort lauderdale- inexpensive restaurants

Will be in Fort Lauderdale for two weeks- looking for inexpensive restaurants that serve great food. Where are the small family owned places that serve great food for a fair price?

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  1. For pizza, Anthony's Coal Fired makes a very crispy pie although the sauce is a bit sweet for my taste ( ).
    For a burger, try one of the Char-Huts ( ).

    1. Sukhothai in the Gateway shopping center has good Thai food at reasonable prices. Smith and Jones bar on Las Olas has good American Comfort Food for reasonable prices as well.

      1. Hong Kong City, State Rd 7, a couple blocks North of Commercial BLVD.

        I can tell you right now, it has been hands down the best eats for the $ in the area in my opinion.

        1. Zona Fresca for fish taco & burritos.
          Thai Bayshore has better Thai than SukoThai.
          Tom Jenkins BBQ, sauce on the side for me (too sweet)

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            Zona Fresca is really good. I'd also suggest Kelly's Landing off of 17th Street Causeway for New England seafood, and Southport Raw Bar, which is practically next door. There's also a small Italian place down the road on 17th called Georgio's that's good for eat in or take out.

          2. just west in Lauderhill on University Ave is my favorite place - Rosey Baby's - for excellent New Orleans food (and great music).

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              I highly recommend El Tamarindo on State road 84 in Fort Lauderdale for both the inexpensive prices and the impeccable service.

              Honorable mentions include:



              and without a doubt...