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Jan 4, 2009 04:47 PM

We've just arrived in Aventura for a month......

Have just had take out from Archie's...not bad but looking forward to finding Seafood..particularly casual to find good peel'n eat Shrimp also Crab. Is this the time for Snow Crab? Does anyone know about a place called "Fish Joint" or Captain Jim's?

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  1. There are several mentions of Captain Jim's on this board if you do a search. It's a fish market with a simple restaurant ->

    I've heard of Fish Joint but not heard much about it and am not even sure it's still open.

    There's also lots of threads that generally discuss Aventura eats, easier to review if you sort them by relevance ->

    I think you must mean stone crab, which is local and currently in season, and not snow crab, which is not local unless snowbirds are bringing it down with them.

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      Fish Joynt is now closed. If you have a car, I recommend leaving Aventura, home to many chains and lots of mediocre eats, and venturing north and south.

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        There's plenty of good eats around Aventura area (you basically have to have a car there anyway, nothing other than the mall is susceptible to walking).

        - Bourbon Steak in Aventura (not exactly casual dining)
        - Timo in Sunny Isles (not quite casual either but less pricy than BS)
        - Hiro's Yakko-San on W. Dixie Hwy off 163rd St.
        - Cheen Huaye just south of 163rd St. on Biscayne Blvd.
        - Oishi in Biscayne Commons (Thai & Sushi including several take-offs on Nobu dishes).
        - Bagel Cove on Biscayne for Jewish deli.
        - Mo's Bagels & Deli off Biscayne near Loehman's (more deli).

        I've not been myself but others have good things to say about Pilar (seafood, Aventura), Lemon Fizz (middle eastern, near corner of Dixie Hwy and 163rd St.), La Estancia Argentina on Biscayne,

        1. re: Frodnesor

          just a quick note on Oishi. I've had some very good food there and better sushi than in Nobu Miami. Supposedly the chef worked in Nobu previously. I also had one disappointing (on the Thai side) meal there. If you're a fan of Sake, it's one of the few places in S. Florida with some nice sakes on the list that come in actual 750 ml bottles.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            How could you forget Naomi's Grille/Paradigm? Its at the Trump Sonesta in Sunny Isles. Not cheap but excellent food.

      2. For "Something completely different" you can find out if the folks who frequent Haulover beach are running one of their "Buffet in the Buff"'s this month! Bring plenty of suntan oil......LOL

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        1. re: FriedClamFanatic

          Love your suggestion 'fried clam fanatic'...think I'll pass in favour (note canadian spelling!!) of a traditional buffet...LOL
          Thanks to others for responding.....we do have a car...I can't imagine living here without one or three! Our 'rental' is decidedly downscale..but we're getting around!!!
          Thanks all...Going to TIMO tomorrow...

          1. re: pearlD

            If you get up to FTL, there are a cple of great food spots. The Quarterdeck on (I think) 17th St and there's also a little place in a strip mall just before it that has GREAT seafood

            1. re: FriedClamFanatic

              Quarterdeck is a chain. There's also one near Sawgrass. They are pretty good though.

        2. There are some good eats in Aventura. Better pizza than Archie's is Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on Biscayne Blvd. Chef Allen's in the Loehman's shopping center has morphed itself into a seafood bistro and has excellent food. Ocean Prime and Bella Luna in the Aventura Mall are both reliable. Casa Mia on 123rd St. east of Biscayne is a wonderful neighborhood Italian that is a tourist free zone. Last time I drove by, Cheen Huaye was dark so It may be closed. Chef Tania on W. Dixie just north of Miami Gardens is great for lunch. Have been to Pilar many times and it serves good food with moderate prices. Little Havana on Biscayne and around 130th for Cuban. Agree with Timo, Oishi, and the delis. Pita Plus also in Loehman's near Archie's for Israeli cuisine. Love their shwarma platter. Delicious pita. A little further away, Harding Avenue in Surfside has Adrianna for Peruvian seafood and potatoes. Hope this helps.

          1. Anyone been to Il Migliore lately on Miami Gardens?

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            1. re: dmo305

              Yes, and was very unimpressed!

              1. re: dmo305

                I went once. Fine if you're in the neighborhood but I don't think I'd go out of my way for it.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  I like Bagel Cove in Aventura. excellent bagel chips