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Jan 4, 2009 03:39 PM

Looking for bon appetit recipe december 1998

Hi - I'm looking for a coffee cake recipe from the december 1998 bon appetit's an apple cinnamon coffee cake. Does anyone have a copy?


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  1. Doesn't epicurious go back that far if not BA themselves?

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    1. re: c oliver

      Epi doesn't archive all the recipes - I found that out the hard way after I had thrown out a bunch of back issues and then couldn't find some of my favorites on the site....

      1. re: Rubee

        Yes, that was my experience as I was hoping that someone would have a copy of the recipe in a back issue of BA

    2. I just looked at that issue of BA magazine. The only coffee cake recipe I could find is on page 30 - a sour cream streusel coffee cake with currants (no apples) from Cafe Zenon in Eugene, Oregon. The apple desserts in that issue are a couple of crisps, apple pie with maple syrup, and an apple bread pudding. Maybe another issue?

      1. I just pulled out my issue and there isn't an apple coffee cake. There's the sour cream one that Rubee posted. There is an apple fig crisp and an apple pecan crunch which is similar to a crisp. Could you have the wrong month?

        Oops, sorry just noticed that Rubee was talking about her magazine and not the site so it's obviously the same info I have.

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        1. re: chowser

          Thanks to both of you for checking...perhaps I do have the wrong issue - it was a recipe at the front of the magazine from a restaurant. I think it was called a coffee cake (my memory is selective!) however the recipe used apples, buttermilk and had a streusel topping. It was really simple to make and perfect for breakfast/brunch. The BA issue cover was for a "Victorian Christmas" so I assumed it was a December issue but I'm probably wrong about the year. Any other thoughts on where I might be able to find this recipe?

          1. re: pir

            It looks like it's definitely the wrong magazine - I just pulled it out again and the 12/98 Bon Appetit is entitled "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" and has a picture of a raspberry trifle on the front cover. There is a coffee cake recipe in the front section ("RSVP") from a restaurant, but it's the Sour Cream Streusel - no buttermilk or apples. I checked the BA 12/99 issue but that didn't have an apple coffeecake either. Could it be Gourmet magazine 12/98? (I don't have that issue).

            FWIW, I checked the Bon Appetit Cookbook too and couldn't find it there either.

              1. re: sugakc69

                Thanks for checking on's not the same recipe, but it does look good, so I'll give it a try while I continue to search for this one!

              2. re: Rubee

                Thanks so much for double checking the magazine cover! I know it wasn't a Gourmet issue because I only started buying those in the last couple of years. I'm going to go back to Epicurious and see if I search other december issues of BA...wish me luck!