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Jan 4, 2009 03:24 PM


I've seen the "CHOW" postings but, went there today and thought I'd provide a new year update......
A little on the expensive side but, to me, worth it. Katherine, the owner, is quite gracious and the meal included a wonderful cup of tomato bisque and salad. Food is delicious! I had chicken cutlet w/a side of sauerkraut. My friends and I sat for near 2 hours without being pushed out the door. In fact, Katherine was all too happy to share w/us books about Poland kept on the side wall book shelf. Almost felt like being in her living room. :)

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  1. POLKA was my first experience of Polish food and I loved it and so did the other five people we took along. We all felt the the food was fantastic, and we felt very welcome.
    I felt like I was at home in my own dining room. WARSAWA on the other hand was dissapointing. The food was not what the hype made them out to be, the portions were small.

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        Polka is in a little strip mall on the corner of York and Verdugo. Take the 2 South and take the first exit- York. Turn R and drive to the corner of York and Verdugo. You'll see the restaurant on the R side - Very small place.

      2. i thought polka was supposed to be cheap? that is if you're talking about the polish joint, near glendale.

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          Kevin- What's cheap to you??? A meal will run you 20$, a little less for the pasta (Pierogi) meals. Remember, all meals include soup and salad. Maybe a little more than you might expect but, add in the small homey atmosphere, more individualized service and great tasting food!! Worth the 20$ for sure!

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            I have to agree that this is no longer the "cheap eat" place it used to be billed as. Some of the side dishes are frozen vegetable you can find at any grocery store. We had cabbage rolls which were excellent and the side sausages are delicious and a steal. The portions are huge, but would I say this is a "cheap eat"? No.

        2. here is link. this place is great. i think that it is very reasonable.

          4112 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

          1. Polka is wonderful Polish Food. My husband was raised in Poland and it's the best he has had here that we don't make at home. Try the meat Pierogi and the Flaczki. Flaczki is a very delicate tripe soup. Much more elegant that Menudo. Oh and the Bigos (hunter's stew) is very very good as well. mmmmm need to go now

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              Here is the website. When I was looking at the website I saw a tab for "sesame delight" dressing. I well recall the excellent salad they serve with dinner and that apparently is the dressing. Once you taste it you will see why a simple side salad is described as excellent.


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                I had to add these photos from the website which show some of the faire offered.