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Jan 4, 2009 02:46 PM

Kosher Restaurants in Eilat, Israel

Arriving Monday for 48-hour stay. Any good kosher sit-downs? What about the hotel restaurants? Or should I just stick with falafel and schawarma?

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  1. tons of great places spring to mind! if you are meat eaters, there is wangs grill (part of royal beach), the ranch house (also royal beach hotel), buffalo steak house (part of the hilto queen of sheba).. for the dairy go to il pentolino in town.
    you can check for more recs and even some coupons!! enjoy

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      High probability that I will be heading to Israel in the beginning of Jan. Will probably stay in Jerusalem for the shabbosim and will probably head to Eilat Mon-Thurs. Any recommendations for hotels (looking for awesome breakfasts :) and dinner eating recommendations. Nice selection by marissaj, looking for other suggestions, or people seconding his choices. I went to Hilton Queen of Sheba last time but only for one day – what a breakfast – anything better?

      As to eating last time I went it was mostly Hiafa based and ate at an amazing place called Papagaio. I believe that they have a branch in Jerusalem and cannot think of a better eating venue – all the meat you can eat so I am set for my Jerusalem stay (and cafe Rimon for the Ben Yehuda St. scene for my daughter's benefit).