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Jan 4, 2009 01:38 PM

Île de Montréal (Rosemount & St. Andre) suggestions

I won't snivel about the temp, but I'm on foot so I'm looking for something in this neighborhood or nearby vicinity, a very nice resto ($$-$$$) and the national cuisine is optional: I'm looking for something that gets good recommendations for a later evening meal (& open in January on Sunday or Monday) from anyone who dines in the area with some frequency. Recommend a particular plat if that's helpful.

Thanks to everyone's good words, I enjoyed a solo meal at LeMéac last night. I found the portions very generous, the service attentive and the atmosphere social. Its an excellent meal for the price, and the experience left me painfully aware how deprived we are in Boston. (I wouldn't necessarily recommend the acceptable house rillette & duck leg confit combo, but I didnt make good choices nor ask for staff advice.)

Thanks to all!

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  1. Well, Léméac is quite a bit west and a bit south of where you are staying. Very close to where you are, I used to like the Vietnamese Mangoustan, but it seems to have gone downhill. How far are you willing to stray?

    You are near anything in Petite-Patrie, Rosemont, Petite Italie/Little Italy/Piccola Italia, Villeray and the northern Plateau and Mile-End. You are also EXTREMELY close to a métro station (Rosemont).

    By the way, the street is Rosemont, in either French or English. Rosemount is a street in Westmount (quite a bit west of where you are staying). That is important in Google searches. We also have a Clark St and a Clarke St, and many other confusing things!

    I'd suggest Le Petit Alep just because I am very fond of it, but I believe it might be closed on a Sunday or Monday. If you don't feel like walking (it isn't very far from where you are staying but you might be chilly) just take the métro to Jean-Talon, or the 30 bus north to Jean-Talon, and walk a few short streets west; Le Petit Alep is just west of avenue de Gaspé, opposite the Jean-Talon market. Syrian/Levantine cuisine and a very popular neighbourhood spot.

    Are you staying with friends, or in a b&b? Asking in case you want to do any neighbourhood shopping. I live in Petite Italie, just a bit north and west of you, and would be pleased to help you if you need suggestions.

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      Thanks! Yes I will be shopping, so any suggestions are good. I'm in an auberge on the Plateau (Mont Royale) visiting friend lives near the RoseMONT station (thanks for explaining that, it was making my GoogleMap searches wacky!) He's not into restos, so I'm organizing that.

      I like the idea of Syrian! (Unfortunately, Petit Alep is closed until 6 Jan.) I've only been to Marche Jean Talon once - driving - and I'm not at all familiar with that neighborhood. Thanks again for any ideas!

      1. re: beacon_hill_boy

        Le Jolifou is another option. Hop on the bus on Rosemont heading east and get off at Beaubien. Walk one block to the east then two blocks south. Or you could get on the Metro to beaubien station and hop on the Beaubien bus to Papineau and walk one block.

        1. re: Campofiorin

          I had also thought of Le Jolifou, which, although it is actually just a nice walk from Rosemont and St-André in clement weather, does take two buses if you don't feel like walking. But Campofiorin, Rosemont and Beaubien are parallel.

          There are a lot of Beaubien buses though, so you can easily take either the métro or the no. 30 bus and then take the Beaubien bus east to Papineau.

          Le Jurançon is a small, southwestern French resto that is almost due north of Rosemont and St-André (walk up St-André, or better, Boyer, à prettier street, to St-Zotique).

          There was a trendy bistro extremely close to your starting point, on St-Hubert (the covered shopping street) and Bellechasse, one block north of Rosemont. Unfortunately it fell short of expectations and has closed. I think that area will be changing very soon as there is a natural foods shop on St-Hubert practically on the corner of Rosemont and other developments.

          There are a few food-related businesses now on St-Hubert between Bellechasse and Beaubien, including a place selling artisanal beers, a charcuterie etc.

          1. re: lagatta

            Yeah, I meant Cartier and I also realised I was all messed and placed Beabien south of Rosemont while it's the opposite. The gastro had the best of me.