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Jan 4, 2009 01:18 PM

hanny's - downtown phoenix

anyone been to hanny's yet?

the good - the building - its absolutely gorgeous, love the design, love the quirks, love the things they kept as an homage as hanny's first iteration as a mens clothing store,

the drinks - love the st germain, the pimms cup, the classic art deco era sized martini

the salads - huge, pretty darn tasty

the sandwich - the one i've tried, the roast beef, was stellar

the 'bad' or 'needs work' - service. well meaning servers. but given hanny's is part of a restaurant 'empire' (az88, plus 2 others out of state) i would have figured they'd have this nailed out of the gate..they mean well, but they aren't totally with it..good bartenders, but the wait staff needs to come up to speed

the pizza's - love the uber thin cracker crust concept, but the dough is either too overworked or has too much fat because for as thin as it is, it lacks the snap it should have. its a tad too doughy to be that thin.

the prices are good, the chef said they're adding more food after the first of the year, so that will be interesting..

i think people are expecting it to be a restaurant with a full bar, but they want to be the opposite, a bar first, with some good food.

they're off to a decent start, and i hope they can work out the kinks..there's some high hopes placed on them, to be sure..

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  1. We've been a few times.

    The first was early on and I had issues with the service. You can only sit there and watch other people getting drinks so long before you have to wonder if someone's playing a joke on you.
    The second visit was much better, although I would agree they still need to work on things. Do they require basic training before letting people on the floor?

    I really like the Moscow Mule - I love ginger so thiis is a drink I enjoy at AZ88 as well.

    1. We wandered in for a pre-theatre something on New Year's Eve, after checking out the posted menu. It was around 6:00 and there were several large parties at the banquettes in the back of the room, as well as a few occupied two-tops. We were given a choice of a high table with backed stools or a regular table. Nice to have the option and we chose the high table. My appetizer was shrimp that had been wrapped in pancetta and grilled. There were five of them on the plate, surrounding a small mound of baby arugula salad which, after the waiter deserted us, we discovered had no dressing of any kind. My husband chose the baby arugula salad with prosciutto (I think) and parmesan, in a bright-tasting lemon vinaigrette. This came out on an enormous oblong plate - easily enough for two, maybe three or even four! I adopted a bit of his to mix into mine since, as I mentioned mine was undressed. Given the low price of their individual pizzas, we figured they were the standard round, dinner-plate size portions, so we each ordered one. OMG! This time, two enormous, oblong plates came out, each totally covered by a thin-crust pizza. They were good pizzas, don't get me wrong, but each would have served two, and here we were, faced with two of them!
      Service was a little... scattered? They weren't terribly busy and there were always several guys just sort of hanging around the bar - where they cut the prosciutto on a slicer behind a glass panel, centered so that it's the first thing you see when you walk in - but still we had to look around to flag someone down to get a glass of water frequently.
      Would we go back if we were in the 'hood for another show? Yeah, the food was certainly good and, if the menu is expanding as winedubar suggests above, it would be worth a return trip.
      One thing: the bathrooms, up a flight of stairs or via elevator - need some work. There's little or no signage and several walls that are totally mirrored. Don't know if it was the low light or if brighter lighting would make any diffference, but I walked into two walls and had to grope my way to a loo which, when I started to open the door to the Ladies, turned out to be occupied by someone seated on the toilet. (Don't know if the lock was non-functional or if she'd just neglected to turn it.) I found another and made sure to lock it. When I came out, the mirrors had me completely disoriented and I once again found myself walking into walls before I finally found the foyer and the stairs down to the dining room. And I had only had one drink.

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      1. re: Deenso

        I thought the bathroom the most fascinating part about Hanny's. I walked right by the bathroom the first time. Wait, those are the bathrooms. It took me a few moments to figure out those were the doors to the bathroom. Somewhat disorienting. Thankfully, I did not walk into any occupied bathroom.

        Service I thought was solid.

        Food? I noted that I thought it was overpriced for what I paid. Some of that price goes to the decor/atmosphere, Our table split a pizza and each ordered a sandwich. I'm really happy that a restaurant like Hanny's is downtown because it appeals to a whole other demographic.

        1. re: BlueEar

          yeah the bathrooms are part of the whole az 88 high concept schtick - you know - stumble around, accidentally go to the wrong place ;) they are totally gorgeous, i thought actually. and they do lock ;)

      2. Grabbed lunch at the bar here last week. Very pretty decor, and different that what I was expecting. Much classier. Between the muted color scheme and the classical music playing, it was much more of a grown-up place than the usual downtown PHX scene. Perhaps they were catering to the retired matinee-goers that day. I'm curious to check this place out at night, to see what the vibe is, and try some of those drinks!!! I work too close to slip in a lunchtime cocktail, but I was sooo tempted by the St Germain, Pimms Cup and Moscow Mule!!! Tried the beet salad, it was very good. Linked a pic of my plate and the view from my corner bar seat. Service was fine for me and the diners immediately surrounding me seemed promptly taken care of, and the place was 75% full.

        1. I just went over there myself. I'll have to try out the food some time, but the bartender left a bad taste in my mouth. Number one: Keep your hands off my ice, pal. Yuck! Number two: The highball glass does not double as an ice scoop. See what I said in Number One, and further, trust me when I say you don't want to have to change an entire ice bin mid-shift on a Saturday just because you're too lazy to use the ice scoop. Number three: Shake the glass like you mean it. Five seconds is not enough. Shake like hell until you think your hands are stuck to the shaker. Number four: While I appreciate the smaller drink sizes, if you're going to continue making them to fit today's larger glasses you might as well give me the rest in a side glass of some sort instead of tossing it. I almost wept when I watched a third of the drink you made for me go down the drain. I'm sure the boss wouldn't be happy with his liquor cost at that rate, either.

          1. We went to Hanny's for the first time last week and I would have to say that they still have quite a few kinks to work out. Granted we were there on the night of the Elton John/Billy Joel concert so maybe not a typical night. We got there pretty early though and they weren't that busy. We were seated promptly and someone (the manager?) said that our waiter was detained so he took our drink order. They came out quickly but that is when it went downhill. We didn't know who our waiter was and no one was coming to take our food order or even acknowledge us. Finally we flagged down our host and he said he would take our order. We ordered the Bar Plate, Beet Salad and Blanco pizza. We waited for quite awhile still not knowing who our actual waiter was. Finally someone (our waiter perhaps) delivered the pizza and salad. By this time the place had filled up. The bar plate never arrived and when we asked about it the waiter mumbled something about the bar not making enough and they would comp it off our bill. How do you comp for something you never received?! He didn't ask if we wanted anything else or more drinks but by this time we needed to get to the show. Except our waiter (still not sure on if he was) was no where to be found. We had to wave down 2 people before we got our bill. It really was a service disaster and people around us were having the same issue. I really liked the atmosphere and I thought the food was quite good. All it would have taken was better communication - a "I'll be with you in a few minutes" or "I'm sorry we are out of that but can I get you something else" or "hi, I'm your waiter" would have worked wonders. I'll give it another shot since I really want to like this place and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was a concert night . it is so convenient to events downtown but it definitely didn't make a good first impression. Maybe we will sit at the bar next time!