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Jan 4, 2009 11:53 AM

Any Jewish/NY-Style Delis in Middletown, CT?

I'll be a student at Wesleyan University next year and I was wondering if there are any New York-style Delis in/near Middletown? My parents are from Manhattan and have been craving tongue/pastrami/real bagels/eggcreams/challahfrenchtoast/etc etc since we moved to North Carolina, and I'd love to be able to surprise them with some good deli meats or something once I'm there, if they're available in Middletown! :)

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  1. Welcome to Middletown! We used to have a great NY-style deli downtown (Ruby's). The good news is, the man who owned Ruby's now sells sandwiches out of his daughter's ice cream store--Main Street Creamery in Wethersfield--about a 20-minute ride from campus. They appear to be closed till mid-March, but take a look at these pics...this might give you that taste of home you've been craving!

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      Recent article on Main Street Creamery:

      Main Street Creamery & Cafe
      271 Main St, Wethersfield, CT 06109

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        Thanks, Katty! The sandwisches sound really good. I'm counting the days until March 5!

    2. take a ride to west hartford only 20 minutes or so up route 9....go to crown at bishops corner..good sandwiches for outside nyc

      1. Congratulations! You must have applied Early Decision. Now you can spend the rest of the year dreaming deli! I haven't tried the Main St. Creamery although I will now. Crown in West Hartford has been my tried and true spot. I used to go thirty years ago with my grandmother. Pastrami, Tongue, Salmon, Whitefish, soups...I want to go now.

        1. Main St Creamery in Wethersfield and Crown in West Hartford -- I'll definitely go!! My parents will probably faint with excitement.
          Yep, early decision!! Thanks for the congrats and the welcome!!

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            The Wesleyan swim team took off ten minutes ago for their winter training trip in Puerto Rico, and there will be eating! But around here, add the Westville Kosher Market on Amity Rd. in Woodbridge to the list. Think liver.

          2. Yeah, I think you may be out of luck directly in Middletown. But if you shoot down Rt. 15 you can hit Katz's in Woodbridge (a cousin of the NY Katzs Deli family)

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              I second the recommendation for Katz's. There is also one in downtown New Haven if you want to make an afternoon of it.

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                Update: the downtown Katz's has closed, Woodbridge still going strong.
                (mmm whitefish salad)

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                  Funny you should mention Whitefish salad. My wife's aunt had us over to break the fast this last holiday and had that on the table. Aside from the aunt, and probably the uncle, nobody had ever heard of it much less tasted it. I'm from CT and , with the exception of 2 adult nephews, the others were from Brooklyn. Needless to say, it went uneaten.

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                We finally got here today and shared a pastrami sandwich. Their rye was especially soft and delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our sandwich, stacked high with pastrami. Truly, I could have eaten a whole sandwich, but it was more of an afternoon snack since it was late in the day. Their thick pickle chips (both dill and half-sour) were crisp and perfect.

                I had forgotten the mention of Katz's being related to the NY deli, so I asked today. The girl who rang us up said it's just the same last name. Doesn't matter a bit to me--it's good to know deli this good can be found (relatively) close to home.

                We went to the real/NY Katz's last weekend. I can't tell you how the taste compares from memory...but I can tell you the meat in Woodbridge ($13.95/lb.) is almost half the price of the same in NYC ($25/lb.). I'm happy to take the lower cost alternative and avoid the long car trip.

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                  This picture is likely worth more than all my words above. See for yourself!

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                    Nice picture, but that's not a sandwich. That's premeditated homicide. I think the owner of Katz's must have a son who is a cardiovascular guy. They're trying to drum up business for him because you can't eat sandwiches like that on a regular basis without needin' some bypass work.

                    Just sayin'.

                    I've eaten at Katz's a fair amount. Parental unit was quite fond of the place. I'd have a bowl of soup and nosh on the pickles and coleslaw. I like the food, but that is enough meat for four people.

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                      Okay, every once in a while, I'd break down and have tongue on rye. Lots of mustard. Get extra bread. Remove half the meat. Have lunch the next day. BIG LUNCH.