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Jan 4, 2009 11:31 AM

SF Restaurant Recommendation for 21st Birthday

Coming to San Francisco to take my niece to dinner for her 21st birthday. Would be ever so grateful for a few restaurant recommendations - staying Union Square area but will happily go wherever. Looking for something wonderful and simply don't know SF.

Thank you.

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  1. How about Harry Denton's Starlight Room? It's got a terrific view, pretty decent food (went there more for appetizers and drinks the day after Thanksgiving for the tree lighting at Union Square.) It's night-clubby ( nice for 21 yr old) and adult.

    1. A few questions first: is it just going to be you and your niece, or are other family members or some of her friends coming along? What kinds of food does she like/dislike? What kind of atmosphere are you looking for -- a young and fun one for her, or a fancier dinner? And how much are you willing to spend?

      My first few ideas: Nopa (fun dining room, good food, and excellent cocktails, but loud), Bar Tartine (excellent food, very fun neighborhood of the city, but no cocktails), Aziza (great cocktails, good food, but far far away from your Union Square location, and a little less young than the other two). I hope you and your niece have a great time!

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        Thanks Jasmine.
        There will actually be about six of us - we'd like something on the higher end side. Food should be American fare and definitely want cocktails.

        1. re: Glory25

          Nopa would probably still be really fun for you all. Range is a good suggestion, and is in a fun area of the city, though your niece might be the youngest person there.

          1. re: JasmineG

            These are really great recommendations as is Bix from RW. I'm in my mid 20's and a really big fan of the Mission (where Range and Bar Tartine are located) - interesting people, great restaurants, solid bars - and will probably end up taking my little sister there when she turns 21 in a couple of years. This being said and although I always defend the Mission, it isn't as sparkly as the Marina or Union Square which is a turn off to some. ...But, good food is good food.

            I recently took a group of friends from Houston to Nopa and had a really great time. Really good bartenders and the food was fabulous (especially their pork chop). Interesting people watching. There's a funky art gallery type place at the south side of the block that has music on some nights.

            With all due respect to walkoffdinner's opinion, please don't take your niece to the Starlight Room for her 21st birthday. Yes, the view is gorgeous, but I've had nothing but bad experiences there and there are so many other better restaurants in the city that would be more age appropriate.

            1. re: adrienne156

              Yeah, the Mission is more interesting, but you're right, the Marina is a bit more sparkly, which might make A16 a fun place to go, though it's not as upscale and they have no cocktails.

      2. Besides those mentioned, a few more restaurants serving American food that serve cocktails - Zinnia. Cortez, Bix, Range, Two,

        I haven't been but Zinnia might be a very good choice based on what I've been reading.

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        1. re: rworange

          Thank you for the recommendation to Zinniasf - would you be kind enough to tell me how near/far it is from Union Square area?
          Thanks again.

          1. re: Glory25

            From Union Square about .8 miles.

            500 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

            1. re: wolfe

              Yeah ... that's point 8 or about 12 blocks. If you click on the zinnia link and move the red balloon to the upper right corner of the map, you will see Union Square at the bottom center.

        2. Thanks everyone for taking the time to make these great and thoughtful suggestions - can't begin to know how much it helped!!!

          Happy New Year to all.