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Jan 4, 2009 11:29 AM

Eating Local After it Freezes...

What types of produce still grow in Philadelphia and the general vicinity during the winter? I know just a few weeks ago the greens at the Rittenhouse Farmer's market still looked incredibly good, but I went to the Fair Farm Stand at Reading Terminal Market yesterday and a lot of the stuff was looking past its peak. In addition, they were selling citrus from as far away as Florida.

Now, I know it's the dead of winter, but are their any kinds of produce still growing locally or is everything now coming out of storage? Does cabbage or kale grow now?

What will be the first crops to pop up in the spring?

Lastly---where in Center City is one to find some local produce (other than the farmer's market)? I know Sue's carries a mix as do some of the vendors in Reading Terminal Market. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Pumpkin Market at 16th and South has local produce.

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      Is that the new one with the beer? I keep meaning to go in there.

      1. re: megmosa

        It is relatively new (across the street from the restaurant and cafe), although I wasn't aware that they sold beer.

        1. re: jerseytomato

          I know what you are talking about now. I was confusing it with another store....

    2. It is too late for January, but if you sign up for Winter Harvest (go to, you can get locally grown produce and meats throughout the winter. The produce is limited but there are some greens, cabbage, lots of root vegetables, and apples. Other locally produced products (dairy, meats, etc.) are also available.

      1. not quite center city, but almanac market at 4th and poplar is a foodie's miniature dream. at first the store seems small, but take your time and browse... many a meal have been inspired by local things they source. it's a hard place to bring a shopping list to because produce selection varies and is somewhat limited, i'm guessing based on what's fresh... but i think most if not all of it's local. they have local dairy as well... the big roll butter from the amish... and an excellent cheese counter! also, if you go, there's a yogurt from ?pequea farm? in NJ - it is the best yogurt i have ever had.