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Jan 4, 2009 11:21 AM

SOS-In Italy now need help!

Hi chowhounders!
My husband and I have, literally, been eating our way through italy for the past two weeks on our honeymoon. And with the help of this board and we have had some amazing meals- St. Andrea in Palermo, L'Oproddo in Vibo Marina, Renato y Luisa in Rome and Il Convivo in Florence. We have a few more cities left and I am wondering if any of you can help with recs for the following cities (we leave for Ravenna in the morning)

Any help would be amazing!

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  1. I think in Venice Alla Zucca is very good for the winter season. We also liked alla Frasca in Castello, da Sandro (Osteria San Barnaba) in Dorsoduro and Anice Stellato in Cannareggio. but there are a lot of other good recommendations if you search this Board.

    ps it would be great to hear more about all of your eating experiences when you are back from your trip.