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Going to Scarpetta this weekend, any suggestions?

Any suggestions? On what to order!
We will be a party of 6

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  1. this should get you started:


    if you do a search on this board, you will find a number of other threads.

    1. Spaghetti, tomato and basil

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        you know we could have had an off night, but a recent dinner at Scarpetta was one of the most disapponting meals my wife and I have had in a long time.

        The Spaghetti, tomato and basil was gummy, not at all flavorful and really insulting at $24.
        There are pasta dishes all over town that are better and cheaper. At both high end and neighborhood places.
        A Capretto (goat) entree was tough, chewy poorly cooked and arrived in the form of a well plated "goat-hash"
        A Pork dish that was completely ill conceived had the flavor of a hot spiced apple cider with way too much spice and was served with Emilia-Romagna gnocci that couldnt have worked any less as a side for the pork...

        I had high hopes, and have enjoyed Scottt Conants cooking at some of his previous stops but this was just a train wreck of a meal...hopefully we just hit it on a bad night.

      2. normally i'd rec the ceci (chickpea) soup but i heard it's been recently dropped from the menu...

        and the black cod w/ stewed tomato and fennel (but that was also out of stock when a friend of mine went there recently)

        1. My daughter and I had dinner at Scarpetta this weekend. We enjoyed the bread and caponata/olive oil, Mozzarella in Carozza, short ribs and risotto appetizer, spaghetti with tomato and basil, Sicilian sliced duck, and Amadei chocolate cake.

          Even in the off season, the stewed tomatoes in the Mozzarella dish had an extraordinary pop of flavor. My daughter, who doesn't like raw tomatoes...was amazed by the their taste. Until Saturday, her favorite NY Italian was Peasant. Now it's Scarpetta.

          While I enjoyed everything... and the service was wonderful as well... I would like to see more items on Scarpetta's menu, especially entrees. Or at least some specials... This was the second visit for me and no specials either time.

          I liked the short ribs and risotto so much, I would love it as an entree. (Would need more short ribs in it and less risotto to make it work). That was one delicious winter dish.

          1. Based on recommendations I got here, I recently ordered the polenta, short ribs, burrata, spaghetti, and black cod. I would order all again with the exception of the short ribs. While they were good, I would just try something else next time. The polenta, burrata, and balck cod were great. The much discussed spaghetti, while very good, was not as great as I was hoping for. I'd go for the duck ravioli next time instead.

            1. Agree on the amount of short rib being small. (It is delicious though, and like any good appetizer, leaves you wanting more.)

              As for the spaghetti...the portion does indeed look small, but in this case I think looks are deceiving.

              It is an extremely filling portion. My daughter called it the "Neverending Pasta Bowl," because the more she ate, the more there seemed to be. Even with the few bites she gave me, she couldn't finish the spaghetti, and that was her entree.

              Our dinner for two including cocktails and half bottle of wine came to $160 WITH tax and tip, and left us stuffed. I have had mediocre ehh meals for more.

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                "As for the spaghetti...the portion does indeed look small, but in this case I think looks are deceiving."

                No it was not deceiving...It WAS small, VERY Small. I was very good, but for $27.00 pasta it should have been much larger. The same holds true for the short ribs.
                I loved everything else about this place except for the size of the 2 above portions..

                1. re: Nancy191

                  I agree that at $27 the spaghetti with tomato and basil is expensive. But I thought it was a very filling portion and easily divided between two people.

                  I'd like to go back to Scarpetta in a few weeks and see if there is anything new on the menu.

              2. My wife and I had dinner on Friday ( our first visit). It was terrific. She had the Yellowtail crudo, I had the Fritto Misto and it reminded me of eating on the Amalfi Coast last year.
                Then for some unknown reason the waiter brought us an order of the Creamiest Polenta with Truffled mushrooms on the house. It was the most comfort food dish of my life. We then each had a portion of Black Maccheroni with Spicy Seafood which included baby clams, octupus, shrimp and sea urchin. It was sensational. We each had ordered entrees but the Polenta course did us in and the waiter who I had told after the Polenta to give us a lot of time between courses, was able to happily tell us that since the entrees were not yet fired that we could cancell. I was very impressed with that as some restaurants would say that that was not possible once you ordered them. I was surprised of the size of the portions after reading some other postings regarding the Linguine with Tomato and Basil. I am sure that the other dishes will be just as good as the ones which I justed descibed