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Jan 4, 2009 10:12 AM

Tomato Paste in Tubes - Edmonton

Does anybody know if it's possible to buy tomato paste in Edmonton in containers other than the standard small can?

I remember seeing it sold in toothpaste-type tubes in Europe. (Along with mayo, mustard, pesto, and lots of other stuff.)

The can seems to be a standardized size for using a whole can in a large pot of sauce etc. but for other recipes that call for, say, 2 tbsp. you have this leftover half can which is very inconvenient.

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  1. I bought some tomato paste that was in tube at Spinelli's in Little Italy.

    1. egon61:

      I second Jim's recommendation as I have bought "tubes" of tomato paste there as well as hot pepper paste, sundried tomato pesto and green "basil" pesto. In fact have the GIA brand of the latter two in my larder as we speak/type.

      Beside the inconvenience factor an opened can of tomato paste is, I think, very susceptible to spoilage.

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      1. re: Bob Mac

        Yeah that's partially what I meant by inconvenience: the inconvenience of trying to seal up the remainder properly for storage. I guess you could try to scoop it out into a very small pastic container with an airtight seal, but typically I can't be bothered and just end up chucking the half can. Wasteful, I know.

        Thanks for the tips, I'll head to Spinelli's this week.

      2. I have purchased toothpaste-type tubes of tomato paste, black olive paste, anchovy paste & pesto paste at the Italian Centre Shop (Little Italy and the one in the south side).

        1. A friendly reminder, Folks. The focus of the Western Canada board is where to find great food, drink, or related products and services in the region. egon61 is asking for a local source of tomato past in tubes, please do continue to pass along any tips on where Chowhounds may find this product. But, please, if you wish to discuss tomato paste or any other aspect of food in general, please take that discussion to the General Topics board, or the Home Cooking board as appropriate.

          Thanks for helping maintain the focus of this regional board on where to FIND deliciousness.

          1. For some reason this post stuck in my head. Was at Handy Bakery earlier today and saw some paste in large tubes at $1.75 each. 8660 118 Ave