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Jan 4, 2009 10:04 AM

Albuquerque--dining with kids

I'm interested in restaurants that are unique, yummy and interesting but also welcoming to children. The restaurant must have some kind of kids menu so that chicken fingers and mac and cheese are available as a last resort, but also have interesting food for adults. Any recommendations?

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  1. In the Nob Hill/UNM area:
    Flying Star
    BumbleBee Baja Grill

    Range Cafe
    Route 66 Diner
    Dion's [local, really good pizza and salads and subs]

    Here is a list of my favorites and almost every one of them will be okay with kids. They may not have chicken fingers or mac & cheese on the menu, but most kids would find something ok to eat.

    From the list; I would skip the following with kids:
    The Rancher Club
    Artichoke Cafe
    Jennifer James 101


    1. Monroe's is a family place especially favored by us locals. The name is deceptive. It's basically a New Mexican restaurant with locations on Lomas near Old Town and at 6051 Osuna NE. The food is good, fast, and they have a children's menu. Everyone has a favorite place for green chile cheeseburgers, but I'll put my money on Monroe's. My husband favors their seafood enchiadas.

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        Thank you so much for the information. I am getting very excited about our upcoming trip now.