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Jan 4, 2009 09:56 AM

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

This is the 3rd post I have posted b/c I am totally behind on planning a decent time for my husband and his 45th bday and I am panicked.

I have a few plans in the works.

1. Surprise dinner with friends meeting @ ___________ and then going around to see music have drinks etc afterwards.

This may be Henningers then go arounds Fells Point

This may be Birches then tool around Canton (if that's recommended)

2. Maybe I should just meet at a great lounge/bar and skip trying to rally people for dinner and just have everyone meet us later...for celebrating and drinking.

I promise I will not post again and if anyone would like to make any other suggestions on what the heck I should do I'd really appreciate it! I feel so daft for some reason.

Parameters: not too $$$, not meat markety, not raucous as we have parents and one disabled friend.

Thanks again

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  1. What qualifies as not too $$$? I think the Dogwood in Hampden fits the bill. I caters to a more mature crowd and we had a really nice dinner there a few weeks back. Although the bar at Dogwood was on the small side, other nearby establishments have much larger bars for after dinner drinks (Cafe Hon comes to mind).

    How about Helen's Garden? There was a recent post on this board about Helen's. It certainly fits your parameters. I doubt the food will wow you, but it's solid, safe choice and the staff is great.

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    1. re: ronandaim

      Wow Dogwood looks great. We were just in Hampden to see the lights and ate at Golden West which was a cool place. We went to Cafe Hon b/c I'd nver been there...that sort of loungy place is probably what I need to find. If you know of any others that are in that vein-wherever that might help too.

      What I mean by $$$ (sorry for the severe ambiguity there) is not Charleston, not Sotto Sopra, Ixia, Fin etc. I just want a laid back, but good food (that's why I was thinking Birches) place to gather these folks for some food and drinks...actually the music would just be a bonus.

      As far as Helens Garden sounds good but I wish there were some interior images. Also the reservation policy paragraph scares me. (I get it- I was a server for 13 years) All these folks would be coming from DC and I'd rather not encounter stress if it didn't pan out to the minute.
      Thanks alot

      1. re: kimbyj

        In my experience, Helen's is staffed by some of the most polite people. Although I always lie to the others about when our reservation is...tell them it's at 7 when it's really at 7:30!!! Helen's is basically 2 (I think) converted row houses. It's 2 levels (with a wide staircase) and has a bar. They have a fabulous happy hour-so if you were to lie about the reservation time-your guests would be taken care of.

        But Dogwood is one of my new favorites...

        1. re: kimbyj

          Golden West has a cool vibe but I have never had very good food there in at least 6 or 8 visits. Helen's Garden has pretty good food but the place is so narrow and claustrophobic. They are friendly there and will try hard to help you out though.

      2. I had a few thoughts, but haven't been to them as a lounge, so I am not entirely sure of the scene, but I think they have potential.

        Teavolve in Fells Point opened an Inner Harbor East location (on Aliceanna - the places link still has it on Eastern) that has a liquor license so is also a lounge. I know they do some live music events on some weekends - and it definitely has a laid back feel.

        The downstairs in Mezze also looked to be a lounge when we were there for coffee/dessert one night early when it opened. I don't know if anyone else has been there and can comment, but there were couches and low tables and it was dimly lit. I can't be sure that it is just a spot for drinks, but I bet if you called, they could tell you.

        The one other place that could be nice for drinks, but probably wouldn't have music could be the bar area in Lebanese Taverna - there are some long high tables, but then there are also some long tables in booths? And if people did want to do small snacks, they have a lot of small plates.

        If you don't end up with other suggestions, and it were me, I think I'd go with Teavolve...

        Lebanese Taverna
        719 S. President Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

        1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

        1. I posted on your previous question for this, but I didn't realize you weren't limited to just Canton. You might also try the Woodberry Kitchen, which got great reviews by friends and several food magazines. For dinner and potential music, Meli has lounge-like dining arrangements, but was good on appetizers and wine options and also had music somewhere near 10 pm.

          Meli Patisserie & Bistro
          1640 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

          Woodberry Kitchen
          2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

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          1. re: vurtyou

            I was describing Meli in my previous response - got it the name confused with their other restaurant. Meli is the one that had the downstairs lounge area. It would be worth checking out...

          2. Mezze and/or Meli's in Fells Point may be what you are looking for. Reasonably priced, upscale, trendy, but not too much so that would put off various age groups.

            After your dinner, you could venture out of the restaurants and meander through Fells Point where there are many bars and lounges with live entertainment. Or, some of the offerings are just lovely lounges with background music that may be more conducive to a lovely birthday celebration that is more private. FoiGras

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            1. re: FoiGras

              What other lovely lounges with background music would you suggest in Fells?

              So just to get this straight: Mezze is great for dinner. Meli is great for dinner but has a lounge atmosphere?

              1. re: kimbyj

                kimbyj--okay, let's get this straight. I really think that you and family/friends would enjoy Mezze. Why? Well, there are many types of food offerings-small plates--all to be shared, which is conducive to a party atmosphere. (I believe that they have a small private room available to suit your needs). Pricing is relatively moderate.

                After your dinner, all of you could "meander" throughout the Fells Point area.. Since I'm not into clubs, maybe you could inquire as to venues that would be appropriate for your group from your server.

                After dinner, you could perhaps (after "clubbing"),. venture into Meli and have a lovely dessert with coridals or appropirate spiked or otherwise coffees. The desserts and atmoshpere at Meli's would provide a nice "close" to your event.

                If you choose to follow my suggestions, please call the restaurants and place reservations and specific requests. I've done this and have been quite impressed with the outcome. \
                Kim, lastly, don't panic. Your hubby will be thrilled with whatever you plan.

                Happy birthday plans. FoiGras

                1. re: FoiGras

                  Will the disabled friend be able to get around in Fell's?

            2. Pazo is a kind of loungey, hip sort of place, isn't it?