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Jan 4, 2009 09:30 AM

What is your favorite material for mixing bowls?

Do you use different materials for different purposes, or do you have one preference?

What do you like about the various materials over others?

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  1. I love my colored corning glass bowls. (ALTHOUGH i BROKE THE RED ONE) I still have the big blue one, and the smaller green and yellow one. They wash easily and do not stain like plastic ones. Wish I could find these again - over twenty years old now

    1. Stainless steel. It's light, durable, non reactive and inexpensive.

      1. Melamine. I have grown particularly fond of the nesting, footed variety that has a handle and a pouring lip. Really convenient. Not a day goes by without using at least one.

        1. I have a bunch of those glass ikea bowls that come in various sizes. They have the perfect curvature, non reactive/non leeching, easy to clean, and are cheap. For extra large mixing projects, I have a mammoth stainless steel bowl that I can lug around without the fear of breakage.

          I also like to use my vintage Pyrex when I would like to feel a bit of 50s housewife glam, but those are usually saved for serving because they are a tad bit too precious to dump into the dishwasher.

          1. Glass/pyrex. I have a simple clear set of 3 that I got at Bradlee's (yes! during the liquidation), and also a vintage 2 qt."Bake King" with pouring spout.