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Best Mail Order food items? - moved from Home Cooking board

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Now that the Christmas season is past, I'm hankering for a new online obsession (besides Chowhound).

Anyone have any recs for a truly excellent food item (whether jam, pie, ribs or...what-have-you!) that you can only get at home through mail order?

Can't wait to salivate over the entries..

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  1. I'll start you off: for truly excellent hungarian sausage and salami, as well as other Hungarian imports like chestnut paste and paprika check out:


    My hubs is Hungarian, and when I was working in the Northern Chicago suburbs he would send me to Bende to pick up provisions quite often.

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      At your suggestion I ordered from Bende.com. I got three different Hungarian salamis for my husband's birthday. He is very happy!! Excellent products and service. Thanks for the rec.

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        oh, that's great! That reminds me, we are due for an order ourselves :)

    2. The Williams-Sonoma croissants from the Galaxy bakery (plain, hazelnut or chocolate) are fantastic. You take them out of the freezer the night before you plan to make them to rise overnight, throw them in the oven for 15 minutes in the a.m. and they come out perfect everytime. They are pricey, but have become our family's annual holiday splurge.

      1. My all time favorite mail order food is currently out of stock. With over 1000 reviews it is rated 4+ stars at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/review/product/...

        Read some of the reviews, I think you will agree with me. I can't wait for them to get it back in stock.

        Happy New Year to all!

        1. Vermont Shepherd sheep's milk cheese: truly oneof the world's ten best cheeses. Expensive, and worth every penny. Available from www.vermontshepherd.com.

          1. Pastrami from Katz's in New York. Truly the best pastrami. They vacuum seal it and you put it in a pot of boiling water and it is just amazing. www.katzdeli.com

            1. There have been a couple of past threads on this subject:


              But don't let that stop folks from posting new ideas--I want to see them, too!

              1. The country's best steaks are
                from Alderspring Ranch. Impromptu
                Gourmet has an amazing assortment of
                hand-made canapes. As another poster notes, the
                Williams Sonoma croissants are
                superb. Best sallops I've had are the
                bacon-wrapped ones from
                Home Bistro (I remove thebacon after
                cooking and eat separately), Other Home
                Bistro dishes I love are the short
                ribs and crab cakes (actual crab,
                not just eggs and cracker crumbs).
                Tiramisu from Impromptu
                Gourmet Many cheeses
                from igourmet

                Fisherman's Express and Great
                Alaska Seafood have excellent wild
                salmon. I like coho over king.

                City ham from Niman Ranch. Country ham from Clifty.

                Lamb T-bones from Allen Brothers (but not the loin chops,
                which are mostly fat and bone),

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                  Spices, particuarly spice mixes from worldspice.com

                2. For fish: www.seabear.com
                  Cheesecake: & fruit cakes: http://www.newskete.com/shopping/shop...
                  Newskete is also very well known for their German shepherd dogs and dog training.

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                  1. Thanks, all for the truly great suggestions! Starting my orders now...