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Jan 4, 2009 08:58 AM

What online stores do you use for cookware purchases?

I've been using Amazon for some of my cookware and cooking tool purchases...but I know there are better stores, better prices and better sales out there too!

Any recommendations for online stores and can't-miss cookware sales?

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  1. I order from restaurant aupply outlets,
    such as Web Restaurant, Surfas and
    Restaurant Source. turdy stuff,
    great prices.

    1. I really like cookware and more - good prices on all clad seconds. I have bought several and the imperfections are hard to find. A poorly cast handle (barely noticeable) or a slight dent or ding in the pot. About 1/3 off regular prices and if you buy 4 they take another 10% off the total. Disclaimer: I do not work for them or have any relation with them other than as a satisfied customer.

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        great link---thanks!
        one correction: current sale is 20% off 4+ pieces

        Some of the prices are similar to the "special" pricing at Williams Sonoma (ie the butter warmer is $48 here, $50 there)

      2. Since I am floor manager in a cookware shop I tend to buy what i need there of course. I get the Sur La Table catalog and do shop them when they are having a sale for items we do not carry. Yesterday I ordered more Waechtersbach Red dinnerware. Later I checked and SLT's price was less than at Amazon and their regular price was still lower than what was offered at Amazon. It does pay to shop around before buying.

        1. I like Sur La Table and Amazon. I wish that there were a Sur La Table store near me. I find it less fussy than Williams Sonoma, which tends to be very neat and put together. I like Surfas for ingredients and in the past, I have gotten lots of my All-Clad at Cookware & More, particularly when they have their twice annual sale. The next one is in February, I think...

          1. Me? I want to handle things before I make the decision to buy.