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Jan 4, 2009 07:34 AM

Low Carb cooking (SB recipes welcome!)

So, it's that time of the year again. The college kids will be leaving on Mon 1-5 and I will be cleaning out the cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, cookies, etc. from the fridge and cupboards. A low carb diet, a la South Beach, seems to work best for me, but the first 2 weeks while the carbs are purged are the hardest. So, fellow hounds, I need some simple, really flavorful suggestions. Will be packing breakfast and lunch goodies to bring to work (fridge & m/w available), and need dinner suggestions. Any make-ahead recipes would be especially helpful as I come home around 6 p.m. starving. Thanks!

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  1. I'm with you, Diane in Bexley! Right now, I am cooking this lentil soup with some nice Italian lentils that I had. I assume the pasta part is optional. So far, it smells pretty darn good! Plus, lentils are lucky for the New Year! (Yeah, maybe if I'm lucky I will stick to this diet!!!)

    1. Thanks Roxlet! Any other ideas? Took egg salad to work for breakfast yesterday with crunchy green peppers. Kind of weird breakfast but worked well. Portable breakfast and lunch suggestions would really be helpful!

      1. I have the SB cookbooks at home- will have to take a look at them tonight. I was put on this diet to both lose weight, and to have a heart healthy, insulin friendly diet. Works! I used to keep containers of egg whites at work, and used to bring in barely cooked vegatables and canadian bacon. We had some kind of "thingy" that made omelettes in the microwave. looked like this:

        It did the job to keep me on point! Also, as I am sure you know, lots and lots of green vegatables. I also like the chocolate/pistachio dessert. I think it was just crushed pistachios and melted chocolate. Even the non dieters loved this. Also made marinades with soy, garlic, ginger and sugar free maple syrup. Not as good as a "real" teriyaki, but did the trick when using the grill.

        1. When I did a variation of SB, cheese cubes were a lifesaver for me! I would only allow myself 5. Another lifesaver and good this time of year were clementines.

          Food ideas are low carb soups, burgers without the bun...cook with leftovers in mind so you can pack lunch, or cook extra on the weekend so you have food to pull from. That alone kept me on track and I wasn't tempted to cheat.

          Good luck!

          1. Hey Diane,
            Sounds like you've been to this rodeo before. We do a low-carb low-fat thing to get on track and like you, realize that planning and make-ahead stuff is key.
            For dinner, we sometimes make a low-fat turkey meatloaf (sauteed onion/celery mixed with extra lean ground turkey, egg whites as binder, crushed tomatoes, plenty of seasoning) the day before. Sliced cold and teflon-fried is pretty tasty.
            Day ahead lean ground turkey chili is also great - just heat and serve.
            One key is the type of turkey - not all are created equal. Living in Canada, I find Maple Leaf 'Prime' to be pretty good. In the US, Shady Brook 97/7 is even better. Others can smell like a wet cat when cooked...
            More of a snack than a meal, we BBQ two dozen turkey burgers at a time (various seasonings) then pop them in the freezer. Minute and a half in the micro gives a quick, satisfying mid-meal snack.