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Jan 4, 2009 06:39 AM

Matsugen $35 prix fixe?

hi there,

has anybody out there tried the $35 prix fixe recession special at matsugen? I just made a reservation there and am wondering how people liked it.


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  1. I liked it a great deal and was quite stuffed. You'll get a good, representative range of what Matsugen has to offer. IIRC we were served edamame, sushi, chicken meatballs, soba, and dessert. My dining companion felt that the chicken meatballs were kind of a filler dish, but I dug them.

    When it comes to affordable prix fixes, JG restaurants admirably do not skimp nor sneer. I've had some of the best lunches at my life for peanuts at Jean Georges and Perry Street.

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      thanks a lot! i'm really looking forward to dining there for $35.

    2. We joined a group there last Tuesday. I have to say the I was unimpressed. All seven of us had the prix fixe. While I think presentation is important, I think this place was all presentation. The raw marinated snapper (Madai Usuzukuri) was very good as was the Black Cod with Miso, but they were far from transcendent. The chicken meatballs could have come from Wendy's. And the famed Soba with duck soup did not impress. And note that the cost of the drinks did not match the Prix Fixe price. Decent beers (Duval, Hitochino and a not very good Japanese microbrew cost $12 or more for an 11 oz bottle). Sake was equally expensive.

      Perhaps this kind of place is much too trendy for my over-the-hill self, but I was not impressed.

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          I agree, I love the texture of the soba, slightly chewy

      1. We had the prix fixe dinner last night and it was wonderful. The selections change daily and the manager told us that they plan to keep the prix fixe menu going year round. We have seven or 8 courses including the soba with duck soup which I thought was spectacular. The vanilla caramel pudding was exquisite. If I were feeling more flush I would have ordered the more expensive tasting menu at $75 per person. But on a budget this was a great meal.

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