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Jan 4, 2009 06:39 AM

2009 - exploring different neighborhoods. Starting with dinner in Flatiron/Gramercy Park. What's your favorite?

Trendy and old favorites, reasonably priced. Italian, Spanish, American, French, Greek.

Beppe, Gramercy Park Tavern (bar area) and Basta Pasta are old reliables and have stood the test of time. Other recommendations?

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  1. Italian:
    Paul & Jimmy's - An "oldie but goodie." http://www.paulandjimmys.com

    Via Emilia - Excellent homemade pastas. No reservations. Cash only. http://www.viaemilianyc.net

    Pamplona (slightly north of Flatiron/Gramercy) - I miss his upscale "Urena," but Alex's more casual cuisine still ranks high. http://www.pamplonanyc.com

    Allegretti - Though a bit more on the expensive side, Chef Alain Allegretti's superb Provencal cuisine is totally worth it! If you can make it there for lunch M-F, he offers a 3-course prix-fixe for $28. http://www.allegrettinyc.com

    Bar Breton - This is Fleur de Sel's Chef/owner Cyril Renaud's new venture. It's only been open two weeks. We've had two very good meals there (lunch and dinner), and prices are just right for the current economic times. The website -- http://www.barbreton.com -- is still under construction. Chef Reynaud is continuing to tweak the menu, but you can see most of the current offerings on menupages.com.

    Kellari's Parea - Our current favorite Greek restaurant. Delicious food, good service, and very pleasing ambiance. http://www.kellari-parea.com

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      As always, thank you RGR. Always wonderful recommendations!

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        Hey, aeros,

        Should I presume you have not been to any of these? If so, I hope you will think they are "wonderful recommendations" *after* you try them! lol

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          You're right to presume such. But previous recommendations (e.g., prix fixe lunch at Fleur de Sel and EMP) have lived up to your reviews:)

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            Aha! Well, it's great to know that Fleur de Sel and EMP lived up to your expectations via my reviews. That tells me we have similar gustatory tastes, so I'm now feeling fairly confident that these others will please you as well.

    2. craft

      a little north - artisanal and bon chon chicken

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        Craft is "reasonably-priced"? (Check original post.)

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          no, but the poster did also reference gramercy tavern - so.....

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            Yes, *but* with the specific mention of the bar area, aka, The Tavern Room, which is much more reasonably-priced than the main dining room.

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              Love the Tavern Room. And I really enjoy their options for "tastes" of champagne and wine. It makes for great tasting flights.

      2. Casa Mono if it's not too far south to be considered part of that area.

        1. Japonais you might find interesting. In any case, avoid BLT Fish, it is really bad