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Jan 4, 2009 06:30 AM

Butcher in Dade/Broward??

Just spent a week in Manhattan with friends for the holidays and am looking for decent meat for decent prices(amazingly abundant in NYC) both p*blix and WD seem to have mediocre meats on their best days and higher prices than one would expect for the quality.I would prefer an independent butcher with whom I can build a relationship but not sure that exists down here-please advise

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  1. Smitty's Butcher shop
    1980 N.e. 45th street fort lauderdale(just north of Oakland prk blvd jst off federal hwy)
    they have been in business for 50 years or so
    very nice and helpful

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    1. re: chowmommy3

      ive given Smitty's a chance on multiple occasions and always feel unsatisfied afterwards. the beef especially seems priced higher and less flavorful than what i've had at other places around town.

      1. re: swoll50

        I have been a loyal customer of Smitty's for decades, and I can tell you that it is the real deal as far as old-fashioned butcher shops are concerned--right down to the sawdust-covered floor. David and his staff are top-notch, and they have legions of regular customers who sing their praises.

        And yes, quality does not come cheap. But people who know the difference will be very happy buying from Smitty's. The yacht crews shop here to provision their galleys. Restaurant owners shop here for their personal meats. I have never found anywhere in town that tops their quality. Whole Foods certainly does not.

        And you're right,'s wonderful having a relationship with quality purveyors!

    2. My friends in the burbs swear by Doris' Italian Market for meats. I don't live near one, so haven't tried them for meats. On the East side, Mediterranean Market on Las Olas is good, but not like a traditional butcher shop from New York. They are great to work with and they can usually get you whatever you want, especially if you call ahead.

      1. I've searched and searched and I do believe that the Butcher is extinct. There is no such thing as a meat market where you choose a piece of meat that still has all the beautiful white fat still attached, and when you have chosen your elixir of marbled beef, the Butcher wraps it in butcher paper and writes on it....

        No such animal anymore, huh..
        No more sides of beef coming to a meat market where there is still the all mighty marbling still attached....

        We have lost a great institution.

        1. I know this is an old post but you might want to hear about this,I've always gone to Penn-Dutch where you can get what ever kind of meat you want they even custom cut your wants without any charge,plus they also have veggies,not to mention the great seafood counter and the deli,I no longer live in Florida much to my dismay,but when I do go home my huge cooler comes with me,they'll cryvac and get everthing ready for you to take with you, you can also leave your cooler and they'll freeze it for you,load up on the wild Salmon when It's the season for them, or the prime porterhouse Steaks.
          Sorry forgot to tell you that they are in Broward county, go to the web-site.

          You must spell it exactly how I've typed it. good luck.I think you'll fall in love with the place,oh yes just one more thing if you go on a weekend be preparred for wall to wall people.

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          1. re: mutti

            We also get most of our meat from Penn-Dutch, with the occasional visit to Doris' or Gino's Italian Markets.