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Jan 4, 2009 06:27 AM

Good middle easter style Kabobs and rice in NYC?

I am looking for a really good middle eastern style kabob place anywhere in manhattan. Does anyone have good recs? We were in Montreal in september and found a fantastic place with great hummus and pita, great kabobs and rice , and alot of locals. We were craving this recently and wondered if you all know of anything? previous threads concerning this topic are scarce.

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    1. There's a few Persian places in the 30's near Madison Avenue that might be worth a visit. I think they're hit or miss, but you might get lucky. You'll find them dotted amongst all the carpet places there, and even if the food sucks, at least you'll be in the right neighborhood to pick up a nice area rug for your home. : )

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        Thank you Cheese Boy. I will try this location next time I am in manhattan.

      2. there are a lot of great / good turkish places in town that serve kebabs. my top two picks would probably be ali baba and pasha for kebab.

        ali baba is in the area cheeseboy mentions (on e. 34th st.). in add. to shish kebab, it serves a really wide assortment of appetizers.

        pasha is on w. 71st and a bit more of a white tablecloth establishment. it has several different tyles of kebab (served on the skewer).

        1. My favorite place for kebabs and rice is actually an Afghan restaurant, Ariana Afghan Kebab House on 9th Av. between 52nd and 53rd Sts. You can't get hummus there, and they'll give you Afghan bread with nigella seeds, but their lamb kebabs are really good.

          1. I'm very fond of of the Turkish place Taksim on 2nd Ave in the lower 50's