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Jan 4, 2009 06:14 AM

JIAN Korean- Excellent

Went Saturday nite with the missus. Cocktails excellent (as previously mentioned).

Decor astounding. Service excellent. BBQ's great (also more Americanized--wife doesn't do the hardcore authentic stuff or pork. Top quality ingredients. Banchan fresh and delicious. Pay Jun excellent, also apps.

Drank Hitichino beer with dinner - can you get that in Koreatown BBQ's? Wine list servicable. All in all, great place. $100 for 2 with 4 drinks total. Not the most authentic Korean in town, but definitely the most comfortable with the best service, best drinks, and very tasty food. Next time you are heading to Cheesecake Factory or Jar, check this place out instead.

Jian Korean BBQ
8256 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles
(323) 655-6556

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Never got to eat there. A friend was treating and had one of those coupons for $25 off. Got into a huge argument with three staffers, two of whom were rude, because we wanted to use the coupon for their $50, 2-person tasting menu. Apparently they consider it a "promotion," even though lots of restaurants have tasting menus as regular features and there was nothing to clue us in that it was a promotion (limited offer, special pricing, disclaimer that it was a promotion or we couldn't use the coupon).

      After literally a half hour of argument, including telling us the tasting menu used to be called the "Summer Special" (which we said would be a valid claim that it was a promotion) and that they should add in a disclaimer that coupons aren't valid on it, they still wouldn't do the customer service no-brainer -- i.e. accepting our coupon this once and then promising to change the name of the tasting menu item or in some way referring to it as a promotion.

      So we got up and left and went to Road to Seoul instead. Which was great.

      1. Maybe I'll give it a 2nd shot - I went there about 1 month after it opened. Nice decor, as you said. But the food.... meh. Nothing was bad, but nothing stood out.

        Maybe the food's better now...

          1. re: wilafur

            wow is right! i cant think of any korean food worth $100 for two. and i tried just about every korean place in LA.......

            1. re: samtron608

              A handful of Korean places around town (Yongsusan is another off the top of my head) keep trying to replicate the success of Japanese cuisine in becoming considered fine dining. I have mixed feelings in that I don't begrudge them the attempt but also don't find such attempts worth the higher price. Can't speak to Jian, but it sounds from Adsvino's description that their meal was better than mine at Yongsusan LOL!

              1. re: samtron608

                $100 for two w/ 4 cocktails? That doesn't seem too out of whack. We go to Park's all the time and spend about $50 and we don't drink. the meat as good as Park's? That's a pretty high bar.

                Is Road to Seoul good?

                1. re: bsquared2

                  We routinely run up a $60 + tab at Dong il Jang on 8th Street for two, and that is with one large beer for me and a coke for my wife so spending a C note on dinner with 4 alcoholic beverages sounds about right.