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Jan 4, 2009 03:16 AM

Dan's Diner Link

I couldn't find the Dan's Diner link on google.

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  1. They don't have a website. Were you just looking for address and contact info?

    Dan's Windsor Diner
    (802) 674-5555
    135 Main St, Windsor, VT 05089
    Cross Streets: Between Apothecary Ln and Etta Fraiser Dr

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    1. re: Bri

      Yea, so I saw from your other thread that you are referring to a diner in NY. Its usually a good idea to at least put the state in the title.

    2. Someone bumped me from the NE page. There is a grerat old diner just across the border from the Berkshires in Steventown NY (I might have been bumped because I said Spencertown which is not a border town). Dan's Diner in Windsor is also awesome. They are closing for the winter, but check them out in the spring.

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      1. re: mr breadpuddin

        It is in Spencertown, not Stephentown. Both towns are on the MA side of NY, but not near each other.