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Jan 3, 2009 09:15 PM

staying in downtown Albany

will be in downtown Albany for a week. any good food recs for lunches/dinners? i pretty much like anything as long as it's good!

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  1. For dinners, McGuire's, Cafe Capriccio, Justin's for a start.

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      Second Cafe Capriccio. The chef at McGuire's is now at Creo' so not sure if that matters. Yono's (Albany) or Tosca (in Troy) for more upscale options. If you have a car you might want to drive to Saratoga Springs for more dining options (

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Almost forgot MAD - Miss Albany Diner.

        You might want to check out this long thread on TOP NY Capital Region:

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        Went to Cafe Capriccio on Friday night. They have live jazz Friday nights. The duck tagliatelle was delicious. One of their servers also works at Creo'. Lawyerlady please report back and share your experiences.

      3. For BBQ, try Capital Q Smokehouse ( It's take-away only during this season (unless you want to sit on an outside bench).

        1. We like the pearl and second mcguires. we also eat at jack's oysterhouse and if you can drive we have been eating at milano in latham a lot lately and have liked Creo out of town in colonie a lot.....

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            FYI, Captial Q is closed for vacation through Jan. 11, and Pearl is history. They closed down after losing their liquor license, which occurred after hundreds of underage drinkers were found there one night.

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              I like Jack's Oysterhouse also. For a quick lunch, we like Pepper Jacks.


            2. You might want to check out this thread on restaurants in Albany/Rens. Amtrak vicinity:

              1. just want to thank everyone for their recs. i wasn't in albany as long as expected so the only place i got to eat at was justin's. i liked it and thanks again for the recs!

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                  Glad you enjoyed yourself, Justin's used to be GREAT but I admit, I haven't been in a long while....