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Jan 3, 2009 09:12 PM

Lunch for one near Monrovia?


I'll be out in Monrovia for auto service. I'm looking for recommendations for lunch for one person (myself) before I head back to the South Bay. San Gabriel Valley is close so maybe Chinese. I'm be willing to go a bit out of my way before I head home. Please provide restaurant recommendations and dish of choice.


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  1. You could try Nano Cafe (441 W Duarte Rd), where they serve breakfast all day and you could opt for the Chicken Fried Steak with eggs and biscuits and gravy or the Monte Cristo.

    Another option is the Peach Cafe, where the burger is very good as is the Texas Melt.

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      The Peach Cafe is the first place I thought of... Cute spot, solo-friendly, and with good salads and burgers. I've never had their pies because I'm always too full from the main course!

    2. I'd recommend LeRoy's, on Huntington Drive close to Mayflower. They serve breakfast all day too and also have great burgers and sandwiches.

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        LeRoy's is excellent for breakfast. Might want to consider Domenico's on Huntington drive in the same area for lunch, good pizza, their "Hoagie" sandwich is outstanding, kind of like a Philly cheesesteak but with mushrooms and peppers added.

      2. Din Tai Fung may be an option as well. It may not be the best option for a single diner (menu is more conducive to sharing) but the food is good and it's not something found on every corner in the South Bay. An order of 'pork soup' dumplings and green beans makes a good lunch.

        A board search will bring up lots more info and opinions on Din Tai

        1. If I were feeling a tad fancy I'd go to Cafe Massilia, on E. Lemon just off Myrtle, and get an order of escargot and a salad. If I were feeling REALLY fancy I'd get a glass of wine, too.

          If I were just hungry I'd go to LeRoy's, though I've heard some good things about that CF steak at Nano...

          1. I'm partial to Merengue, the Cuban bakery (very similar to Portos) in Monrovia on Colorado just east of Myrtle - very good sandwiches, those addictive potato balls, and luscious pastries.

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              Din Tai Fung is not good for one person at least when I tried it.

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                Chang's Garden, a Shanghainese place around the corner from DTF, is pleasant and not really expensive. I seldom go to any kind of Chinese places alone, though, since I'm stuck with maybe two dishes unless I want to haul away leftovers. You can make a decent lunch that way, but I prefer small amounts of more things when I'm eating Chinese...although I can think of worse things than having half a duck all to myself!

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                  Not in this area, but our local Nano Cafe (Michillinda/Sierra Madre Bl) became Fresca's last year, with an expanded menu. The owner is there a lot, and many times we've had a good meal (do not order the pork chops they dry them out so bad we could not eat them, I probably should have sent them back!). I like their eggs benedict, they use a really nice ham, and they chop it up in small pieces which I have not seen done anywhere else. A lot of people go to the omelet bar on the weekends. Their veggies are fresh too which is a big thing for us, the frozen steamed veggies you get in most places seem to have a poor texture and taste.

                  We're empty nesters with smaller appetites now, and when the kids are home I always want to do something like this (DTF etc.) for the same reason, I want to sample lots of different things. (So for the same reasoning, I don't usually have Asian or Indian meals alone except buffets.)