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Jan 3, 2009 08:09 PM

Where to find Rosca de Reyes in Boston?

Hey there!

We're wondering where to find great Rosca de Reyes for el Dia de Reyes on the 6th. Ideally, it would be close to Cambridge or downtown, and/or accessible by T, since we don't have a car. Any ideas?

Thanks, chowhounds!

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  1. A little late I fear. There is a bakery in East Boston that makes it - I'm sure Angela's Cafe knows the name. I wouldn't call it great - had a slice tonight - but then I'm not sure I'd ever call it great... I love mexican food, but the pastries have yet to rock my world. Even slightly.

    1. Reviving this thread: Hercules has forced us to change our travel plans, so we will have our own celebration on Saturday. Does any one make a great rosca -- either with a bean or porcelain figurine?

      I'd prefer a Mexican rosca to a French galette or gateau, but am open to any suggestions. I don't know what Brazilian Kings Breads are like, but I'd be interested in recs for the East Cambridge or Winter Hill Brazilian bakeries too.

      We are in the Cambridge/Somerville/Brookline area, but have a car. Thanks!

      1. Hey, you can find it here

        I saw they have the cake in the website