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Where to find Rosca de Reyes in Boston?

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Hey there!

We're wondering where to find great Rosca de Reyes for el Dia de Reyes on the 6th. Ideally, it would be close to Cambridge or downtown, and/or accessible by T, since we don't have a car. Any ideas?

Thanks, chowhounds!

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  1. A little late I fear. There is a bakery in East Boston that makes it - I'm sure Angela's Cafe knows the name. I wouldn't call it great - had a slice tonight - but then I'm not sure I'd ever call it great... I love mexican food, but the pastries have yet to rock my world. Even slightly.

    1. Reviving this thread: Hercules has forced us to change our travel plans, so we will have our own celebration on Saturday. Does any one make a great rosca -- either with a bean or porcelain figurine?

      I'd prefer a Mexican rosca to a French galette or gateau, but am open to any suggestions. I don't know what Brazilian Kings Breads are like, but I'd be interested in recs for the East Cambridge or Winter Hill Brazilian bakeries too.

      We are in the Cambridge/Somerville/Brookline area, but have a car. Thanks!

      1. Hey, you can find it here


        I saw they have the cake in the website