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Jan 3, 2009 07:58 PM

Best cheesesteak on the Main Line- still looking!

I need help with my cheesesteak fix without going into south philly, any sugestions ?

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  1. Many years ago I worked in Bala Cynwyd. Once in a while we would go to Mama's (sp?) on Belmont, between City Line and the expressway. Not sure if it is still there, but if I were in the area and looking for a cheese steak now, that is the only place I would go. Nothing else compared. They had a great pizza steak too! Is that close enough to the Main Line?

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    1. re: geppetto

      Thanks, it is close enough for me. I am going to try it.

    2. Have you tried John's Pizza on Route 30 in Frazer?

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      1. re: buck3

        No I havent tried it. Frazer is a bit too far out for me but Ill keep it in mind if Im out there. Thanks

        1. re: buck3

          Which side is John's on? Whenever I drive by I always think "I should try that cheesesteak at the pizza place that pops up on chowhound", but then I can never remember if it is Jack's or John's and those two seem to be near each other.

          I get a decent cheesesteak at slice it up (next to himalaya) in Malvern.

          1. re: leepinleemur

            John's is on the eastbound side. Prior to 1999 it was on the westbound side in a smaller space.

        2. I like the cheesesteaks at Boston Style Pizza at Merion. They are not as huge as Mama's, but they are good.

          1. In addition to Mama's in Bala Cynwyd, here are 3 that are very good:
            Pie in the Sky in Wayne, Vic & Dean's Pizzeria also in Wayne, and Garrett Hill in Rosemont.
            I usually include these in my "Cheesesteaks of the Main Line Tour" that I offer.

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            1. re: cheesewit

              Thanks for your suggestions, Ive tried Pie in the Sky and it is pretty good. Where is Vic and Deans ? Ive never seen it and Im in Wayne on occassion

              1. re: michyphilly

                Vic & Dean's, like Pie in the Sky is on Wayne Ave.

                1. re: cheesewit

                  Pie in the Sky is on Lancaster Ave.

                  1. re: cheesewit

                    I also wondered where Vic and Dean's is b/c we got a menu in our mailbox. It's actually on W. Wayne Ave. down the street from the IAC and the old Wayne Beef and Ale... close to the Radnor Trail. Is it good? I've been thinking of giving it a try. Do they deliver?

                    1. re: cjc519

                      I think it's pretty good. Pizza is ok, sandwiches and wraps are better. They do deliver.

              2. Mama's has great cheesesteaks, although sometimes it seems like they have too much meat, if that's possible. Our general rule of thumb, though, is that one can only get steaks there about 1 out of 4 attempts--it's only open Wed-Sat, sometimes closes randomly for vacation, or, as my brother-in-law from Virginia recently found out, sometimes Mama runs out of rolls.

                Our go-to cheesesteak is the one from Overbrook pizza, on 63rd Street near City Line Ave and the Overbrook station on the R5 line.

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                  I think that there can be too much meat on a cheesesteak ! When that happens the bread gets overpowered and there is nowhere to put the ketchup... Its about the balance of the cheesesteak in my opinion. Thanks for the heads up on the time issues Mama's has. I will try it but have a back up plan to go to Overbrook.

                  1. re: drjane

                    I tried Overbrook Pizza last week, and they make a formidable cheesesteak. They toasted the roll, grinder style, and it was tasty. It is pick-up only. Much better than Larry's, the closest in the area.