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Jan 3, 2009 07:40 PM

Non-Middle Eastern Halal Restaurants

What are an individuals options, if any?

And by non-Middle Eastern I mean the cuisine that is served.

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  1. Restoran Malaysia

    There's a ton on Indian restaurants. I'm sure google can assist.

    1. Out in Scarborough, Chinese Beef Lamb House at Birchmount and Sheppard is Halal.

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      1. re: Wahooty

        The cooking is from some part of China that is Muslim. It is hallal, but there is lots of booze on offer. The plates that I saw looked primitive and yukky. I passed.

        Comments from someone who has eaten there?

        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

          I believe the cuisine is from Xinjiang. I have eaten there, although I was by myself so I didn't get to try much. I had the cumin lamb and one of the lamb skewers - I found both quite tasty, if a bit greasy. The place seems to do a fair amount of business, with a clientele that seems to be about half Chinese and half non-Chinese Muslims. Yes, they are licensed, and the beer is cheap, for those who don't keep Halal.

      2. A lot of "Indian" restaurants are in fact run by Muslims and serve halal meats. Unfortunately I believe Isalmia, at Donlands and Danforth, my fave, has closed down. But there are a bunch on the Gerrard strip. Any vegetarian place, by its very nature, will be fine, and most are unlicensed as well (the Fresh/Juice for Life chain comes to mind). For slightly more upscale vegetarian there is Fressen on Queen St. west.

        1. Kara Mia restaurant near Vaughan Mills mall. Halal Italian food. My friends and I were addicted to this place for a while - the food is good and the service is friendly. It's small and busy though, so there can be a bit of a wait for tables.


          Kara Mia
          3175 Rutherford Rd, Thornhill, ON L4K5Y6, CA