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Feb 14, 2004 08:53 AM

Lithuanian chow in LA?

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  1. Im looking for a good place myself. If you have a hankering for Kalnapilis, Jon's market sells it by the bottle. Other than that and my homemade potato pancakes, I cant find ANYTHING in LA

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    1. re: David

      I know; that's why I posted it!

      1. re: David

        Have you considered a Russian (or multi-ethnic European) deli? The one out here in OC has a variety of foods from the Baltic area. I don't know of one in the L.A. area but if you find one, chances are they are also the local source of news (as in a bulletin board with events, business cards, ethnic newspapers, local ethnic-catering businesses, etc.). The one in OC even has its own phone book in which you can find caters, etc. Might have restaurant recommendations if you ask.

        1. re: Joani Macaroni

          I know that Polish and Lithuanian food are similar and there is a great down home Polish place in Glendale called Polka.

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            5 years later, i sure hope they found something.

            1. re: justagthing

              Justathing - Wow, you are right! What a time warp! I can't figure out how I replied to David in '04 when I didn't (knowlingly) go back into the archives. Very bizarre (Music from the Twilight Zone playing in the background . . .)

              Anyway, LA is a lot closer than the last place I had Lithuanian food, which was in Old Town Vilnius in August '08. See y'all at St. Casmir's this October! (Thanks for the info, FoodKitCat!)

              1. re: Joani Macaroni

                Well, I am glad that you did resurrect this thread as I am now intrigued enough to try this type of food.

                1. re: Joani Macaroni

                  We should have a Chowhounder gathering at St. Casmir's. Meet you all at the Krupnikas stand! would be fun. Wait until you guys wrap your lips around all this stuff. It's an Eastern Euro Mutt's wet dream.... (guess I"ll speak for myself..........)

          2. Just an idea. Why not call the Lithuanian church, St. Casamir's, which is near Los Feliz, and ask them. They would be my first source as they service recent immigrants. Their number is (323) 664-4660. Went there for a dinner years ago with an old girlfriend for a dinner andit was quite good.

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              I just moved near to this church last summer, and in September (I think) they had their annual Lithuanian Festival. Of course we went, and had these big heavy dumplings with yummy bacon fat among other things. I know this doesn't help you out right now, but do a google search for the festival next summer and by all means go. It was really fun: good food, good music, and lots of beer.

            2. The original comment has been removed
                1. The school behind St. Casimir's used to serve Lithuanian food at lunchtime on Saturdays when the Lithuanian School meets and on Sundays after mass. I would imagine they still do.