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Jan 3, 2009 07:20 PM

Brunch Suggestions?

Need suggestions for a pre-show brunch on a Sunday in the theatre district. Something budget friendly. I looked into Sarabeth's but they looked a bit expensive and seem to get more hype then anything. Any suggestions?


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  1. "Budget-friendly" can mean entirely different things to different people depending on the size of their budget. So, it would be helpful to know exactly what yours is for food only. (I've not been to Sarabether's, so I haven't a clue what prices are like there.) That said, perhaps one of these would work for you:

    West Bank Cafe -

    Marseille -

    1. If you're willing to venture a little south, Cookshop (156 Tenth Avenue @ 20th Street) has a wonderful brunch.

      1. and if you're willing to travel to the UWS, Calle Ocho...You can ewat like a king for $20 MAX (including tax/tip) and drink allll the sangria you want!