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Jan 3, 2009 07:18 PM

Your favourite New West delivery

Hi I am new to the city and live in New Westminster at Edmonds Station. Can any CHOW gurus suggest any good restaurants that have a delivery option? I have no preferences I love all typed of food.

A friend recommended Top Sushi close to the Royal Columbian Hospital... it was pretty good value for the amount of food that they give. As a side note, I have got to comment about the size of sashimi in Vancouver VS Toronto. Vancouver sizes are on steroids!!

Can anyone help?

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  1. New West has some great food! I lived there for years.

    I never got delivery when I lived there because I could walk anywhere I wanted to go, but I can suggest some good eats:

    - Amelia Restaurant on 12th St - great greasy spoon, cheap breakfast, hangover cure extraordinaire
    - sushi joint in the same mall as IGA on Columbia St - I want to say Tatami Sushi? Something like that
    - Mr. Sandwich - greasy donairs, open till 4am, also on 12th St
    - Burger Heaven - incredible burgers and shakes - 10th St

    Sorry I don't have any delivery options but I thought since you're new to town you'd like some suggestions for good eats anyway. Some of these places may have delivery and I just don't know about it.