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Jan 3, 2009 07:14 PM

Eggs Norfolk

Has anyone ever heard of this dish before? Though, I don't currently reside there, I grew up in Norfolk, VA and had never heard of Eggs Norfolk until I saw something about Michael Phelps eating it in a diner in Baltimore. Is it a Baltimore thing? What's the story? From what I can glean from an online search, Eggs Norfolk consists of Smithfield ham, crabmeat, and a poached egg served a top an English muffin and smothered in hollandaise. Sounds delicious and very Norfolkian.

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  1. There is an old Tidewater dish called Crabmeat Norfolk which you almost never see on restaurant menus anymore - crabmeat, VA ham, and usually a bit of scallion and some sort of something else like Worchestershire sauce, Tabasco, sherry, or whatever.
    Usually a few buttered breadcrumbs on top and then broiled.
    Sounds like this diner took a good dish and gilded the lily. Sounds GREAT.

    I have no idea why Crabmeat Norfolk ever disappeared. What a great dish it is!!!
    As far as I'm concerned, it beats the daylights out of so-so iterations of "crabcakes" any day. Pure crabmeat without any fuss.
    Why bother with all the stuff to try to hold it together??
    A few decades ago, NOBODY would have even put a crabcake on a menu at a nice restaurant. Only classy dishes like Crabmeat Norfolk.
    Bring it BACK!!!!

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      that does sound delicious! happy new year!

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        The traditional Crab Norfolk would use a splash of vinegar

      2. The Strawberry Street Cafe in Richmond has an "Eggs a la Norfolk" on it's brunch menu and is described just as you did above. Haven't tried it, but it does sound good.

        1. I've never heard of Eggs Norfolk, but it does sound like a variation of Crab Norfolk. Although the original Crab Norfolk, created at Mason's Eastern Shore Seafood restaurant on Granby Street a half-century ago (or more) did not have the addition of country ham. I have had Crab Smithfield, which is basically Crab Norfolk with the addition of country ham.

          I don't believe Eggs Norfolk to be a local invention, but rather inspired by one or more of these classic dishes. I can say with some certainty Eggs Norfolk is not a local tradition, but it does sound good.

          PS - Tabb's at Riverview is in the former Mason's. I am not sure where a good Crab Norfolk can consistently be found, however, on local menus.

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            Eggs Norfolk is a variation of eggs benedict. The Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore served it. Basically it is eggs benedict, EXCEPT that the Canadian bacon is replaced with a generous amount of Maryland Blue Crab. It's delicious!

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              mmmm bet avocado would be good with this as well though not very traditional

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                A similar dish has long been on menus in New Orleans: Eggs Nouvelle Orleans.
                Poached eggs served on lump crabmeat, classically topped with a brandy cream sauce. Now the sauce is usually a variation on hollandaise in most places.
                It's a big seller for Breakfast at Brennan's, and pretty widely available all over NOLA.