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Jan 3, 2009 05:59 PM

Family Style Vancouver West Side

Looking for a family style place for a birthday party for about 14 people on the west side of Vancouver. Not Chinese as that is on the agenda for the same weekend but perhaps Italian or ??? Age from 8-80 but all adventurous eaters. Suggestions?

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  1. For Italian, maybe La Quercia or La Buca, depending on your budget. One of my best meals ever was a family style meal at La Buca, and I recently read that Allison Spurrell of Les Amis had her best meal of 2008 again family style at La Quercia.

    1. Agreed with grayelf - I've really enjoyed family style at La Buca. It runs about $50pp.

      I've also had family style at Bistrot Bistro (or is it the other way around?) that was about $35pp.

      1. sorry to reply to my own post but what about any of the Greek places on /west 4th or Broadway? Also, Grub gets good reviews on various sites-- would it be worth considering?

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          Greek could certainly work but I must say I haven't found a Greek place on the west side that really floats my boat since the Ouzeri changed hands/closed. I heard great things about Apollonia but was not impressed on my one visit (maybe I ordered wrong). I like the Greek style pizza at Simpatico well enough when we take the inlaws at their request but I wouldn't necessary rush to eat there. I used to really like Kalamata on Broadway just east of Cambie but stopped going because they were flouting the smoking bylaw, and now I bet it's gone because of all the construction.

          We poked our noses in Grub when it was soft opening and it looked nice, but it is very small for a group of 14 I would have thought. Also technically not on the west side as you requested :-).

          1. re: grayelf

            I find Apollonia hit and miss. I've had some great and mediocre meals there. I've had two great family style meals at La Buca in the last month. It'll run you $50-55 per person, but you'll get a lot of food. I agree with grayelf that Grub is probably a bit too small. I've had large group lunch/dinner at Mistral Bistro on Broadway/Trafalgar, where they've prepared family-style appetizers, salads and dessert, but everyone got their choice of main course. This isn't on the west side, but how about Campagnolo on Main/Terminal? I'm sure they'd be able to do da family style meal, and their wine bar in the back would be great for a group of 14.

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              Great call on Campagnolo, i_h! The wine bar would be excellent. They only accept resos for groups of 8 or more with a credit card, and require set menus for groups over 10, but that shouldn't be an issue for the OP... here's my ramble on recent first visit to Campagnolo

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              We've always enjoyed our meals at Simpatico. The Sweet Basil Spareribs in particular are wonderful.
              The only "flaw" in my opinion is that the dips (hummus, tarma, etc) aren't served with enough pita.

          2. Thai House Kitsilano 1766 West 7th. Ave. has a private room that caters up to 30 people. 604-737-0088

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              A lunch bunch at my office goes to Thai House relatively frequently. I've never been blown away by the lunch specials but the last one in December was virtually inedible. I surmise dinner is better by your recommendation, bangkok, but can you be more specific?