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really good cheap eats near St. Marks Place

Looking for quick lunch somewhere near St. Marks Place. Had a nice shawarma at chickpea last year but heard it closed/went downhill. Any suggestions?

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  1. B&H dairy has pretty good knish, blintz, and wide selection of soups and sandwiches. it's mostly vegetarian with the occasional exception (like salmon croquettes).

    i haven't had them in a while, but i've liked the grilled rice balls at yakitori taisho in the past. according to menupages, they now run between $1.75 and $3. (2-3 should be enough for the average adult.)

    and if you prefer to self cater, m2m and sunrise mart both have inexpensive takeout (and m2m has a few seats in its cafe).

    1. Cafe Magador...excellent and great value. I eat there whenever I am near St Marks at mealtime.

      1. Caracas on 7th btw 1st and A is an absolute winner. Order your choice of Arepa and you'll know why it's one of the most popular local spots in the East Village.

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          Hmmm...$6 for one arepa just isn't cheap to me.

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            It's the East Village, you get what you can.

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              I live here, and it's no longer a good value to me, so I go elsewhere.

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              depending on which one you get, it will be filling as all heck; a pabellon does it for me, personally.

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              Thanks silencespeak. Caracas will work. Any shawarma in the area as well?

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                You could always go to Mamoun's on St Marks, but get the lamb shawarma only. I had chicken shawarma a couple of weeks ago, and it was dry and leaden. On the whole, I think falafel is the best bet at Mamoun's.

            4. Hummus Place (much better than Chickpea).
              Ask for Malaysian style food at Plump Dumpling - the owner is Malaysian and it's a little different than their budget Chinese menu.
              If you're bringing food home, pierogi deli on 1st avenue just south of saint mark's.

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                cinderella's falafel on their wrap is pretty damn good.

              2. otafuku for interesting Japanese bites like takoyaki, small selection but good prices

                1. Dumpling Man, 100 Saint Marks Pl., between Ave. A and First Ave.

                  1. Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Cafe Zaiya. $4.10 and quite filling.

                    1. SEA (Thai Bistro) - 2nd Avenue btwn 4th & 5th
                      Pommes Frites; GREAT snack...

                      1. Ippudo or Rai Rai Ken if you want ramen...

                        1. paquito's for decent mexican

                          1. Taisho cheap for yakatori, Go sushi a good deal, Nori is good for sushi. Ippuda is near st. marks good for ramen. Veselka for coffee shop stuff and polish specials. Ukrainian home for Polish food ( yes they are Polish). On 2nd ave just a few feet south of st marks is a falaffel place i think perhaps called Falaffel King ,they have a Super falafel thats good.

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                              Ukrainian East Village in the Ukrainian National Home is Polish???? No way; they're Ukrainian. The food is similar to Polish, though, if that's what you mean. Veselka is also Ukrainian, by the way.

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                                The people are Polish at Ukrainian home, it once was Polish,,I go there with Polish friends , the people who work there all speak Polish not Ukrainian. I dont know about veselka. Ukrainian food and Polish food are similar but there is a distinct difference. I am my family is from a village north of Odessa.

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                                  Now that I know where you're coming from, I owe you some deference. I don't think the origins of the waitresses or even the kitchen staff (I understand that most kitchen staff in high-end restaurants in New York are Mexican or Central American) are conclusive in determining the nationality of the cuisine, but I get that you speak from a position of personal expertise on the food, too. I will run this by a Ukrainian-American friend who's lived in the East Village all her life and used to work at the Ukrainian National Home. How long ago was the restaurant officially Polish?

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                                  out of all these, I still prefer Stage (next to stomp) for all that sorta stuff. fried meat pierogies are nice and sweet.

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                                    We have different tastes. I always get boiled pierogies, never fried, and I don't like the meat ones much but will get most any other ones. :-)

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                                      ya the sauerkraut one is very nice as well. the fried is def. an indulgence, esp. with the huge scoop of sour cream they usually give. had very nice cutlets and things there as well; the place is old-world charming; love the grandma in the back.

                              2. Cafe Mogador is my top recomendacion. The food is always good and the prices pretty good value. I know you want lunch the breakfast in Mogador is great to!

                                1. How cheap are we talking?
                                  Check out Momofuku Milk Bar...unique selection of both sweet and savory items.


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                                    sichuan wontons with red oil from grand sichuan (4.50)