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Jan 3, 2009 05:18 PM

Khudari brand canned garbanzo beans

Over the last couple months, I've made spiced, deep-fried garbanzo beans several times for holiday entertaining. The batch I made with Khudari brand of canned garbanzo beans was decidedly better. The chickpeas had creamy centers, not turning hard, for a better contrast to the crisp exterior. Also the flavor was cleaner with no metallic notes. A 15-oz can cost 89¢ or about 10¢ more than other brands.

The ingredients for Khudari are just garbanzo beans, water and salt. Unlike most brands, no sulfites or EDTA are added. I first found these at Parkside on Taraval and again at Rahma in Dublin. I've looked for the brand at other Middle Eastern/International markets, such as Haig's and 22nd & Irving, and come up empty. According to the company's website, distribution is currently limited to Northern California.

Parkside Farmer's Market
555 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA

Rahma Mediterranean Market
7108 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA

American Blue Mills
30502 Huntwood Ave, Hayward, CA

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